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WWDC 2009  – Software only?

iphone301148179.binThe World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC – photos) Keynote address is scheduled for Monday, June 8. We will likely see and hear about Snow Leopard and iPhone 3.0 OS.  There is also a chance we will see a new iPhone at WWDC 09. However, it is very possible that WWDC will be focused on software NOT hardware. In reading the tea leaves (+ hints from Jim and Gene), iPhonAsia believes that the new iPhone(s) unveiling could be reserved for a special “yet to be announced” event. Apple has recently favored product unveilings at more singularly focused events. For example, the new iPhone 3.0 OS was first demoed in March at a special event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters and last summer new iPods were unveiled at a special event staged at the Mascone Center in San Francisco (same venue for WWDC).

340xIf we don’t see or hear about a new iPhone(s) at WWDC ’09, don’t fret … take a deep breath and know that it’s (they’re) coming and soon! iPhonAsia believes that it is highly likely that new iPhones will be showcased within the next 30 days. We also believe that an iPhone in China announcement will be part of the new iPhone(s) unveiling. So if we don’t see new hardware on Monday, look for a “special event” invitation from Apple soon thereafter.

It may be just a coincidence, but Steve Jobs is slated to return to Apple HQ at the end on June. It might be fun to celebrate his return with new iPhone(s) unveilings and the long awaited “China deal” announcement. 

If any iPhonAsia readers are in San Francisco for WWDC and would like to meet up … ping me here > CONTACT    



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Post authored by pingdave @ AAPLSanity … Steve, if you’re reading this … it’s only because we love you 🙂

[Setting: Steve Jobs, Phil Shiller, Tim Cook, and Scott Forstall in a WWDC rehearsal somewhere deep in a bunker at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino. Scott is onstage, practicing his iPhone 3.0 OS demo.]

Scott pointing to a screen behind him:

Picture 1“So, then you leave the menu, and click the icon and not only is your location shown, but  Wham! you have a street view of all the businesses near you.”

Steve sitting in a chair in the “audience”:

“Stop! Stop! You said ‘Wham!’, Scott, what is that?”

Scott stammering: “Well, ‘boom’ is your trademark Steve, I just went a different way….”

Steve frowning and  leaning over to whisper to Tim “Tim, I thought you talked with Scott about this….meet me in my office later.”

Picture 2Steve out loud again: “Scott, Scott, Scott. Let’s start from the beginning again. Before you do, repeat after me: Boom!

Scott (quietly): “boom.”

Steve: “No, no, no!! Louder! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!”

Scott: Boom!

Steve: Better, more staccato on the ‘B’ though. Buh Buh Buh.. and more “ooooo” on the Os”

Scott: BOOM!

Steve: “Perfect! Now, from the top. What is this, take 27? Ok, video running? Scott, in 3… 2… 1… and Go!”

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