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CNBC’s Jim Goldman sat down for a post WWDC 2008 Keynote interview with Steve Jobs … key subjects – 3G iPhone, lower price, SDK & new app store and “I think you’ll see those (China & Russia) happen later this year” 

Discussion points: 3G launch, pricing and market-share + Steve Jobs’ mention of China & Russia + discussion of AAPL performance > HERE

Confirmed: 6 million iPhones sold since initial launch!

Steve Jobs June 9, 2008:

“The two big ones we just didn’t have a chance to get closed were Russia and China… and I think you’ll see those happen later this year… we have to get through the regulatory bodies in China, which we’re in the process of doing, and I think later on this year you’ll hear some announcements. 70 countries is a lot of countries and we’re launching 22 of the biggest on July 11th” 
video interview > HERE



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WWDC 2008 Rumor Roundup



For those inquiring minds who want a preview of Monday, MacRumors has summarized the buzz >Worldwide Developers Conference 2008 Rumor Roundup 

IMHO … the killer app is the integration of the newly rebranded dot Mac (.Me & Mobile Me) and iPhone(s) 2.0

The Editor of iPhonAsia attended Apple’s March 2008 Shareholder’s Meeting. I remember well that knowing “I just can’t tell you” (but you’ll know soon) smile on Steve Jobs’ face when a shareholder noted …

“It has been some time since dot.Mac has had a makeover.  Are you going to refresh dot.mac this year?  Can you say when?”  For the answer see > Rumor: .Mac relaunch to coincide with iPhone 2.0?






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3G iPhone rumor roundup: 62 days, $399, 9.1mm

Another week, another flurry of 3G iPhone rumors. See full post with a complete list of “rumored” 3G iPhone features via Fortune Apple 2.0 Philip Elmer-DeWitt> HERE


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                    A landmark event. In more ways than one.

June 9-13, 2008, San Francisco, Moscone West


The groundbreaking innovations of Mac OS X Leopard and iPhone OS offer two revolutionary development platforms for developers and IT professionals. Immerse yourself with information-rich sessions where Apple engineers go in-depth on the innovative technologies that power the features of these sophisticated platforms. Bring your code to the Labs and work one-to-one with Apple engineers, applying development methods and best-practices you gain from sessions to enhance your application.

From June 9 – 13, WWDC will host the best of the Apple developer universe — with attendees representing all corners of the globe. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to experience a community atmosphere filled with your industry peers.




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