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picture-56iPhonAsia comment: China Mobile is planning to launch a trial TD-SCDMA mobile (swipe) payment service in Shanghai within weeks. Participating merchants include Starbucks, McDonalds, and Shanghai Shentong Metro. Will China Unicom counter with their own mobile payments service on the soon to be unveiled “for China” iPhone 3G? iPhonAsia has speculated in several recent posts about Apple’s plans to launch “wave-to-pay” in concert with China Unicom and their new WCDMA 3G network. See prior iPhonAsia posts:

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China Mobile to Trial SIM-Swipe Payment, Internet Fee

6a00d83451b9ee69e200e5500d5d148834-150wi1Lisa Tang Asia – Europe Business

April 27, 2009 EXCERPT: China Mobile plans to recruit trial users for its “mobile payment service” in Shanghai in late April or early May and begin large-scale promotions for the service this year, reports on April 22. The company hopes to enter 1,000 Shanghai stores including those operated by McDonald’s, Starbucks and Shanghai Shentong Metro in 2009. Read full post via Asia – Europe Business


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picture-12Mobile phone payment providers may see the coming launch of next-generation phones in China as a market-expanding opportunity, but obstacles still mean mobile payments are not guaranteed to take off. Many online payment providers in China have started offering mobile payments in competition with rising mobile-only payment providers. But while the industry’s potential is giant in a country with over 640 million mobile subscribers, for now it faces checkered availability of matching pay platforms and phones to support them. 

Providers must also reach separate agreements with banks, merchants and mobile carriers in each of China’s segmented provinces to launch mobile payments in them. The ominous task has hamstrung growth, said Boaz Rottenberg, an analyst at Beijing-based Maverick China Research.

“People have been talking about mobile payment for quite some time now, but it still hasn’t taken off,” Rottenberg said. “Market conditions are just not right.”

That hasn’t stopped Union Mobile Pay (UMPay), China’s biggest mobile payment provider, from diving into the market. As a joint venture between China UnionPay, an inter-bank credit card organization, and China Mobile, the world’s biggest mobile carrier, UMPay says its main mobile payment service has gained over 40 million registered users since the firm launched five years ago.

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