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This one caught us buy by surprise … iPhonAsia was named as a top blog (#6 under China technology blogs in English). 8) 

picture-7The 60 Best Blogs on China in English

by BILL BELEW on January 22nd, 2009

Via > Pan Asian Biz

image_thumb_0Chinalyst staged a contest to determine the best blogs on China in English. More than 310 blogs got 20,000+ cumulative votes in six categories.

If you are looking for some light, not-so-light reading on China, or just want to know more about the Middle Kingdom – Here are the ten best blogs on China in English in each of  the six categories –

Best Technology Blog (27 blogs got votes)

1. Digital Marketing Inner Circle – your home for the latest and most important Digital Marketing news online. With a bias towards the Chinese Internet market, The Digital Marketing Inner Circle uses the digital news sources online as well as personal commentary for information related to Digital Marketing, Search, Technology and much more.

2. MOBINODE – Bridging the dragon’s internet with the global market –

3. Digital China Guide – Digital China Guide is a filtered perspective, a guide, and an online resource of aggregated feeds, articles, media, links, and statistics relating to China’s digital spectrum.

4.  Web2Asia – –  Web2Asia is a Shanghai-based Internet market entry & localization consultant for Western companies in China, Japan & Korea. We additionally invest in & incubate local startups. Our blog covers mostly Chinese Web 2.0 space, but also touches Japan & Korea.

5. CNET Asia’s The Tech Dynasty – Navigating the bamboo scaffolding of China’s rapid-rising tower of technology

6. iPhonAsia 

7. China SEO Blog – New blog on Chinese SEO and Internet Marketing by a HK-based SEO Specialist preparing a move to Shanghai

8. China Net Investor – The “China Net Investor” provides a news digest about Chinese internet and technology companies. The focus lies on Chinese internet, telecom and networking companies but also covers macroeconomic and political news of relevance to them.

9. Tech China Blog – Startech’s Tech China Blog is the leading source for up-to-date information on technological developments and technology policy in China. This blog also covers the economic, legal & political issues with the greatest impact on American small & medium enterprises.

10. Utility Computing dot China –



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