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Apple knits up billion dollar plans for iPhone

David Frith | July 08, 2008

Oh, how words can come back to haunt you. Greg Winn, Telstra’s US operational chief and one of chief executive Sol Trujillo’s famed three amigos, must be regretting his disparaging remarks last year about Apple’s iPhone.

Winn, who is considered second in command at Telstra and has a hand in all major product decisions, was copping a terrible shellacking on internet chat sessions last week following Telstra’s surprise announcement that it would be marketing the iPhone Down Under after all, in competition with Optus and Vodafone.Back in February last year Winn notoriously had this to say about the iPhone in a media interview:

“There’s an old saying, stick to your knitting, and Apple is not a mobile phone manufacturer, that’s not their knitting.”

“You can pretty much be assured that Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE and others will be coming out with devices that have similar functionality.”

“I think people overreacted to the iPhone. There was not a lot of tremendously new stuff if you think about it.”

Apparently there was enough new about it for Sol Trujillo to pursue last week’s deal with vigour.

The 3G iPhone goes on sale at Telstra, Optus and Vodafone stores from July 11.

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…”So much for sticking to your knitting.”


iPhone in Australia – Jan 2008 – Generation One iPhone Demo – See Video HERE

Optus iPhone Pricing & Pre-registration > HERE

Vodafone iPhone Pricing & Pre-registration > HERE


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Telstra to join Optus and Vodafone on the iPhone bandwagon?

By Mitchell Bingemann 
20 June 2008 12:28PM

EXCERPT: It appears as though Telstra will belatedly jump on the iPhone bandwagon and will offer Apple’s 3G mobile device some two weeks after rivals Optus and Vodafone make it available to the public.

According to reports in The Australian, Telstra will launch Apple’s new 3G iPhone in mid July, approximately two weeks afterOptus and Vodafone launch the popular handheld device on July 11.

Although Telstra did not respond to iTnews’ requests for confirmation of its iPhone plans, The Australian cited sources close to the telco that it would target a sale date of July 22.

Full article > HERE

New Apple Store in Sydney


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In an article posted over at Electronista, an anonymous Telstra executive does a bit of PR work for the Telstra Next G third generation (3G) network which he claims will run at 42Mbps in 2009 (now running at 21Mbps). The Telstra exec is then quoted as saying he has “seen the device” (next gen iPhone) and that “by Xmas” it will support a planned (Telstra’s) upgrade to the advanced HSPA+ wireless standard that will run at 42Mbps … as fast as a broadbad connection.  The Electronista article suggests that Telstra will join the iPhone party and offers up a few “sources allege” quotes to support this thesis.  

iPhonAsia is circumspect about this type of story. There are now two confirmed iPhone carrier deals to support the Australian market: Vodafone and Optus (SingTel owned). Is there room for a third? Perhaps … however we are skeptical. The Electronistra piece appropriately points out next gen iPhone’s rumored chipset may not support the Telstra Next G network … “industry sources have so far pointed only to a 7.2Mbps HSDPA chipset from Infineon that would lack support for HSPA+ connections as well as the interim HSPA standard.”

See the Electronistra article >3G iPhone to support 42Mbps on Telstra

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iphone-top.jpg   joint_optus_logo.gif   copy.gif   

 Apple and Telstra?  Don’t bet on it!

Will Apple partner with Telstra for iPhone in Australia?  Don’t bet on it!  Really! 

Very few media sources have bothered to investigate the rationale for the Sensis’ (the search engine division of Telstra) job advertisement for an iPhone Search Developer.  This lone ad has caused all the buzz about a possible Apple and Telstra partnership to bring iPhone to Australia.  Yet there are reasonable explanations for the ad that may have nothing to do with any Apple/Telstra deal. We might just take Sensis’ word via e-mail reply to LifehackerWe intend to develop iPhone applications which can be used across carriers.”

 singtel_b.jpg    asia.gif

I’d say the smart money remains on an Optus and Apple partnership.  Why does Optus “edge out” (pun intended) Telstra?

ð  There’s the Optus & Singtel connection

ð  The next-gen iPhone chipset will be compatible with multiple 3G protocols and not dependent on Edge.

ð  And how about Telstra COO Greg Winn comments to AAP: “There’s an old saying — stick to your knitting — and Apple is not a mobile phone manufacturer, that’s not their knitting. You can pretty much be assured that Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE and others will be coming out with devices that have similar functionality.”

Huh?  Greg … I thought you wanted the iPhone??? 


Courtesy Lifehacker

Does this mean Telstra got the iPhone?

UPDATED 10.30am, 6 March

Full article > HERE

With Apple Australia still silent on when we’ll get the iPhone, the rumour mill has been working overtime about which carrier (or carriers) will get the coveted contract when it launches in Australia.  I’ve just spotted a job ad which should help kick the rumour mill along.

Sensis has placed a job ad seeking a Design BA for an iPhone search application on an industry website – does this mean Telstra got the iPhone contract?

The Sensis ad, listed on 3 March on the Australian Interactive Media Industry Association website, offers a 2-3 month, Melbourne-based contract.

The job spec reads:

Are you a business analyst with experience gathering and documenting requirements for interactive web or mobile products? We’re looking for a BA with a technical front-end UI background to help us design cutting-edge search applications for the iPhone. This isn’t boring old specification-heavy BA work. This is exciting and agile BA work to help us envision mobile search applications that work great and look beautiful. Let us know if you think you’ve got the right combination of creative flair, geekiness, and detail orientation to get the job done.

I’ve emailed Sensis for further information – it’s possible that Sensis will be developing its own search app similar to Google’s iPhone  optimised search app for use by multiple carriers. Either that, or Telstra’s Edge network (the only one in Australia compatible with the current  iPhone) has won the contract to bring the iPhone to Australia. Hopefully we’ll know more tomorrow.

UPDATE:  Just heard back from Sensis, who say “We intend to develop iPhone applications which can be used across carriers.” Ok, we’ll go back to hoping that iPhone in Australia will be a multi-carrier affair. 🙂


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