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singtel_logo3609103536_3e314978d8iPhone 3GS officially launched in Singapore last night! There was a special launch event at SingTel Comcentre. The photo below shows only a small portion of the crowd on hand. For a better appreciation of number in line for iPhone, have a look at the video. It was shot on a new iPhone 3GS by Satya, who was 10th in line. Thanks to Apple 2.0 for finding the video

Apple 2.0 and CNET Asia have good articles on the iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore. Photos are courtesy of Damian Koh, CNET Asia. Read post > HERE along with full gallery of launch event photos

crowd queuing for the July 10 iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore

crowd queuing for the July 10 iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore

1st in line was Jackson Low (pictured below).


Jackson Low 1st in line


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Update Jan 12, 2009:  Apple and Telkomsel has reached a deal. iPhone 3G is about to available for public starting this mid February. More > HERE

iPhonAsia comment: Telkomsel is a state-owned company, with 35 percent of its stake owned by Singapore giant SingTel.

iPhone 3G in Indonesia by Q1 2009?

December 4th, 2008 by Amir Karimuddin

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picture-13EXCERPT: We once covered this information before, but seems the story had been long forgotten since there is no 1154426009telkomsel200official confirmation about it. An insight from reliable source reveals that the long awaited iPhone 3G will really be available in Indonesia by the end of January or early February 2009. If that condition were really happened, Indonesia will be the third (or fourth if True Move trully able to bring iPhone 3G to Thailand first) in South East Asia region after Singapore and Philippines.

The operator that is rumored to bring the phone is the largest GSM operator in the country,Telkomsel. Telkomsel currently has more than 60 million subscribers that is really potential for Apple’s iPhone penetration. According to the source again, the monthly plan is being negotiable , but it will become the first phone in Indonesia to be offered in monthly plan, like in Western countries.

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Singapore Telecommunications Update on iPhone 3G

singtel_bThe Group and its associates launched the iPhone 3G in Australia on 11 July 2008 and in Singapore, India and the Philippines on 22 August 2008. Presently, both SingTel and Globe are the sole operators to offer iPhone 3G activations in Singapore and the Philippines respectively, while Optus and Bharti are amongst multiple operators with rights to offer 

iPhone 3G activations in their markets.  The launch of iPhone 3G has met with robust demand from customers with more than 170,000 iPhone activations for the Group and its associates in the September quarter.  

hero200806091In Australia, approximately 55% of the total activations were mobile customers new to Optus and it is estimated that Optus accounted for the majority share of iPhone 3G activations in Australia during this period. In Singapore, approximately 30% of the iPhone activations from 22 August to 30 September 2008 were mobile customers new to SingTel. 

In line with the Group’s policy, mobile subscriber acquisition and retention costs are expensed immediately on activations. Higher subsidy costs are associated with iPhone 3G. Consequently, the successful iPhone 3G initiative will have a dilutive impact on earnings and margins in the near term.  

For the second quarter ended 30 September 2008, the incremental impact of iPhone 3G activations reduced EBITDA by approximately S$27 million in Singapore and approximately A$44 million in Australia. 

As part of the launch initiative and to encourage rapid adoption of data and media rich applications, mobile subscription plans with generous data allowance were introduced. iPhone 3G subscribers generally deliver higher ARPU than the postpaid subscriber average. Early usage indications showed that iPhone 3G subscribers delivered an ARPU of approximately 1.5 times higher than the overall postpaid base. Both SingTel and Optus require iPhone 3G postpaid activations to a minimum contract period (12 or 24 months, depending on plan types) and over this contract period, iPhone subscribers will deliver positive value.  

The Group is confident that this strategy of expanding and acquiring high value data-centric 3G subscribers is value accretive. Integrated handset devices and smart phones, including the iPhone 3G, are key to driving mobile data revenue growth.   







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Singtel: 30,000 pre-orders for iPhone launch in Singapore


On June 30, 2008, jnaina shared information received in a meeting with some people from Singtel regarding the excitement for the upcoming iPhone launch in October.  30,000 confirmed iPhone 3G orders (pre-launch)
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May 14th, 2008 Venkatesh Ganesh writes in Rayaz.ne

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EXCERPT: The rollout of Apple, Inc’s iPhones in India is set to be the largest, anywhere in the world. It is understood from industry sources that Apple’s iPhones will be sold through about 2.5 lakh Vodafone and Airtel retail outlets including franchisee owned shops. This rollout would be mammoth when compared to iPhones being available only in about 7000 AT&T outlets in the US apart from the Apple Stores.

“Most phone makers want their products in as many stores as possible and Apple is changing its strategy from exclusivity to wider availability,” said an analyst from a brokerage house who did not wish to be named. Airtel announced yesterday that they would be selling iPhones in India. Earlier Vodafone inked a deal last week to rollout iPhones in 10 countries including India.

Read more > HERE

iPhonAsia comment:

It is apparent that iPhone will be available by multiple carriers in all major markets and at least two carriers will offer iPhone in India (Bharti AirTel and Vodafone).  Our understanding is that 1 lakh translates to 100,000 … The Ryaz.net article states that iphone will be available through 2.5 lakh (which translates to 250,000) distribution points. Perhaps something was lost in our translation as this number (250,000) is not realistic even in a nation as populace as India. We suspect something like 25,000 is possible albeit this is also a mammoth number of distribution points. Update: Sources have confirmed the 250,000 points of distribution in India.  

India is a highly competitive cellular market with many low cost plans. For a more detailed analysis of the Indian wireless markets, visit iPhonAsia post featuring video and audio interviews with Duncan Clark, Chairman BDA. The NPR interview at the bottom of this post contains discussion of the India wireless market.

NPR Interview with Duncan Clark, Chairman of BDA Connect

BDA Telecom Market Review > HERE 


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The SingTel Group launch will involve seven different carriers in as many nations and bring iPhone to a subscriber base of 136 million.  Apple conveniently has a major campus in Singapore.


via TUAW

In a singularly uninformative press release, SingTel, Singapore’s largest telecommunications company, has announced that it is bringing the iPhone to “Singapore, India, the Philippines and Australia later this year” through several subsidiary carrier brands: SingTel, Bharti Airtel, Globe and Optus. 

iPhonAsia Comment: For those who follow iPhonAsia regularly, you will know that we have been reporting on the rumored Apple and SingTel partnership for months.  Here are a few links to relevant articles posted on iPhonAsia >

SingTel to bring iPhone to Pacific Rim?

SingTel to bring iPhone to Singapore

Optus and Vodafone in Australia?

Optus as Australia’s iPhone carrier?

iPhone in Australia: Apple and Telstra? Don’t bet on it!

iPhone Coming to Australia

Engadget Reports the AIS iPhone in Thailand Rumors




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iPhone spanning the globe

The suspense over which nations and carriers will launch the iPhone next ended dramatically over the past week with a flurry of announcements. 

For now we know that an offical iPhone will be on sale in 35 (and counting) nations by year’s end. Asia is notably missing from the list of announced deals. That should end soon. (Update: SingTel deal now confirmed) The SingTel consortium iPhone deal may be announced at WWDC in early June. SingTel’s website reports the group’s major telecom investments include:

  • AIS in Thailand (21% owned by SingTel)
  • Optus in Australia (wholly owned by SingTel)
  • Bharti Telecom Group in India

  • Globe Telecom in the Philippines

  • Pacific Bangladesh Telecom (PBTL) in Bangladesh

  • Telkomsel in Indonesia

  • Warid Telecom in Pakistan


iPhonAsia expects to hear about other Asian carrier deals in Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China later this year. The China carriers are not under the same “PR” pressure to pre-announce anything. And Apple clearly prefers to reserve surprises for the right venue/moment. WWDC looks very probable for a few special announcements; however, there is no assurance that we will hear about a formal China deal(s) at WWDC.  


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