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Singapore Telecommunications Update on iPhone 3G

singtel_bThe Group and its associates launched the iPhone 3G in Australia on 11 July 2008 and in Singapore, India and the Philippines on 22 August 2008. Presently, both SingTel and Globe are the sole operators to offer iPhone 3G activations in Singapore and the Philippines respectively, while Optus and Bharti are amongst multiple operators with rights to offer 

iPhone 3G activations in their markets.  The launch of iPhone 3G has met with robust demand from customers with more than 170,000 iPhone activations for the Group and its associates in the September quarter.  

hero200806091In Australia, approximately 55% of the total activations were mobile customers new to Optus and it is estimated that Optus accounted for the majority share of iPhone 3G activations in Australia during this period. In Singapore, approximately 30% of the iPhone activations from 22 August to 30 September 2008 were mobile customers new to SingTel. 

In line with the Group’s policy, mobile subscriber acquisition and retention costs are expensed immediately on activations. Higher subsidy costs are associated with iPhone 3G. Consequently, the successful iPhone 3G initiative will have a dilutive impact on earnings and margins in the near term.  

For the second quarter ended 30 September 2008, the incremental impact of iPhone 3G activations reduced EBITDA by approximately S$27 million in Singapore and approximately A$44 million in Australia. 

As part of the launch initiative and to encourage rapid adoption of data and media rich applications, mobile subscription plans with generous data allowance were introduced. iPhone 3G subscribers generally deliver higher ARPU than the postpaid subscriber average. Early usage indications showed that iPhone 3G subscribers delivered an ARPU of approximately 1.5 times higher than the overall postpaid base. Both SingTel and Optus require iPhone 3G postpaid activations to a minimum contract period (12 or 24 months, depending on plan types) and over this contract period, iPhone subscribers will deliver positive value.  

The Group is confident that this strategy of expanding and acquiring high value data-centric 3G subscribers is value accretive. Integrated handset devices and smart phones, including the iPhone 3G, are key to driving mobile data revenue growth.   







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Apple knits up billion dollar plans for iPhone

David Frith | July 08, 2008

Oh, how words can come back to haunt you. Greg Winn, Telstra’s US operational chief and one of chief executive Sol Trujillo’s famed three amigos, must be regretting his disparaging remarks last year about Apple’s iPhone.

Winn, who is considered second in command at Telstra and has a hand in all major product decisions, was copping a terrible shellacking on internet chat sessions last week following Telstra’s surprise announcement that it would be marketing the iPhone Down Under after all, in competition with Optus and Vodafone.Back in February last year Winn notoriously had this to say about the iPhone in a media interview:

“There’s an old saying, stick to your knitting, and Apple is not a mobile phone manufacturer, that’s not their knitting.”

“You can pretty much be assured that Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE and others will be coming out with devices that have similar functionality.”

“I think people overreacted to the iPhone. There was not a lot of tremendously new stuff if you think about it.”

Apparently there was enough new about it for Sol Trujillo to pursue last week’s deal with vigour.

The 3G iPhone goes on sale at Telstra, Optus and Vodafone stores from July 11.

Read the full post via Australian IT > HERE

…”So much for sticking to your knitting.”


iPhone in Australia – Jan 2008 – Generation One iPhone Demo – See Video HERE

Optus iPhone Pricing & Pre-registration > HERE

Vodafone iPhone Pricing & Pre-registration > HERE

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iPhone demand overwhelms carrier

Andrew Colley | June 17, 2008

EXCERPT: MOBILE carrier Vodafone Australia’s pre-registration website for the iPhone has lured about 40,000 visitors daily since the telco opened the site early last week.

The website allows consumers to sign up to purchase the iPhone ahead of the July 11 launch date.

It is not clear how many visitors to the site have pre-registered to purchase the phone.

Optus also has an iPhone pre-registration website.

It offers priority queuing to customers willing to lodge a holding deposit for the device.

By early this week, however, it had stopped accepting advanced deposits for iPhones, citing problems keeping up with customer demand for the new handset.

Read full article > HERE


Optus pulls iPhone pre-registration


EXCERPT: Optus has pulled pre-registration on the hotly anticipated Apple iPhone.

The network was accepting pre-registration up until early this week, but has now pulled the registration feature on the website due to overwhelming demand.

The optusiphone.com.au website now allows users to check for updates on the mobile.

Read full article > HERE

Video re-post below from January 2008

iPhone in Australia – See Video HERE








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In an article posted over at Electronista, an anonymous Telstra executive does a bit of PR work for the Telstra Next G third generation (3G) network which he claims will run at 42Mbps in 2009 (now running at 21Mbps). The Telstra exec is then quoted as saying he has “seen the device” (next gen iPhone) and that “by Xmas” it will support a planned (Telstra’s) upgrade to the advanced HSPA+ wireless standard that will run at 42Mbps … as fast as a broadbad connection.  The Electronista article suggests that Telstra will join the iPhone party and offers up a few “sources allege” quotes to support this thesis.  

iPhonAsia is circumspect about this type of story. There are now two confirmed iPhone carrier deals to support the Australian market: Vodafone and Optus (SingTel owned). Is there room for a third? Perhaps … however we are skeptical. The Electronistra piece appropriately points out next gen iPhone’s rumored chipset may not support the Telstra Next G network … “industry sources have so far pointed only to a 7.2Mbps HSDPA chipset from Infineon that would lack support for HSPA+ connections as well as the interim HSPA standard.”

See the Electronistra article >3G iPhone to support 42Mbps on Telstra


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The SingTel Group launch will involve seven different carriers in as many nations and bring iPhone to a subscriber base of 136 million.  Apple conveniently has a major campus in Singapore.


via TUAW

In a singularly uninformative press release, SingTel, Singapore’s largest telecommunications company, has announced that it is bringing the iPhone to “Singapore, India, the Philippines and Australia later this year” through several subsidiary carrier brands: SingTel, Bharti Airtel, Globe and Optus. 

iPhonAsia Comment: For those who follow iPhonAsia regularly, you will know that we have been reporting on the rumored Apple and SingTel partnership for months.  Here are a few links to relevant articles posted on iPhonAsia >

SingTel to bring iPhone to Pacific Rim?

SingTel to bring iPhone to Singapore

Optus and Vodafone in Australia?

Optus as Australia’s iPhone carrier?

iPhone in Australia: Apple and Telstra? Don’t bet on it!

iPhone Coming to Australia

Engadget Reports the AIS iPhone in Thailand Rumors




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Optus and Vodafone – iPhone Mates?


Vodafone announced yesterday it will be selling Apple’s iPhone in ten world markets later this year including Australia.

“Vodafone Australia is enormously pleased to be included in the agreement to sell the iPhone to our customers later this year,” said Russell Hewitt, CEO of Vodafone Australia. “The iPhone will be the perfect addition to Vodafone Australia’s mobile handset range.”

Yet Vodafone does not have the network coverage to go it alone in Australia.  That is unless they share with a partner.iPhonAsia believes that Optus will play a very important role in the iPhone distribution plans. 

Vodafone Press Release:

Vodafone today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to sell the iPhone in ten of its markets around the globe. Later this year, Vodafone customers in Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, India, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey will be able to purchase the iPhone for use on the Vodafone network.

via News.com.au  

Optus announces plans to extend wireless network

Excerpt: Optus CEO Paul O’Sullivan: “We will deliver superior coverage and wireless services across the country and drive increased market share for Optus.” 

At least 750 new base stations will be added to the network, extending Optus’s mobile network coverage by 400,000 square kilometres and giving it a total network coverage of more than one million sq km. … The expansion of the network in regional areas would be done using a 900 megahertz (MHz) spectrum. 

Apple’s iPhone would “work well on the 900 MHz spectrum,” according to Optus’ Corporate Affairs Director Maha Krishnapallai. He declined to comment whether Optus will be selling the popular handset. 




joint_optus_logo.gif   singtel_b.jpg


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CNET.com.au: Optus as Australia’s iPhone carrier?


By Victoria Ho and Joseph Hanlon on 25 March 2008


Optus may lead Australia’s iPhone race if parent company Singtel secures exclusive iPhone distribution rights in Singapore.

EXCERPT: According to a Channel NewsAsia report online, SingTel may have won the rights to distribute Apple’s iPhone in Singapore, and could launch it officially in September. The report quotes sources as saying SingTel has “more or less sealed the deal”.

Full article > HERE



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