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Picture 1CNBC’s Jim Goldman has an interesting post on Tech stocks and Apple (AAPL) today. He looks back at the flip flop analysts’ earnings and price projections for Apple (AAPL) and briefly reports on expectations for a new iPhone that many be unveiled at the forthcoming WWDC keynote on June 8. This is also a venue where we might hear about an iPhone deal with China Unicom.

picture-11Regular iPhonAsia readers know we’ve been very critical of RBC’s Mike Abramsky and Morgan Stanley’s Katie Huberty. Both analysts have now had their Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas morning awakening and reversed their bearish calls on AAPL. All we can say is what took them so long? See iPhonAsia’s poll > HERE

TechCheck Excerpt: Covering Apple can be fun, in a nauseating kind of way: Consider RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky earlier this year who did a whiplash-inducing about-face after essentially rating Palm a “buy,” and Apple a “sell.” He stepped up, admitted he was wrong, and upped Apple to a “buy,” and dramatically increased his targets.  Read More

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