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Picture 1CNBC’s Jim Goldman has an interesting post on Tech stocks and Apple (AAPL) today. He looks back at the flip flop analysts’ earnings and price projections for Apple (AAPL) and briefly reports on expectations for a new iPhone that many be unveiled at the forthcoming WWDC keynote on June 8. This is also a venue where we might hear about an iPhone deal with China Unicom.

picture-11Regular iPhonAsia readers know we’ve been very critical of RBC’s Mike Abramsky and Morgan Stanley’s Katie Huberty. Both analysts have now had their Ebenezer Scrooge Christmas morning awakening and reversed their bearish calls on AAPL. All we can say is what took them so long? See iPhonAsia’s poll > HERE

TechCheck Excerpt: Covering Apple can be fun, in a nauseating kind of way: Consider RBC Capital’s Mike Abramsky earlier this year who did a whiplash-inducing about-face after essentially rating Palm a “buy,” and Apple a “sell.” He stepped up, admitted he was wrong, and upped Apple to a “buy,” and dramatically increased his targets.  Read More

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CNBC tech analyst Jim Goldman discusses Apple’s (AAPL) earnings, price target, product pipeline and iPhone with Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster. iPhone in China is mentioned.

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Wow! Great video!  The real Steve Jobs had to like that … Fake Steve, however, just tossed a chair across the room!


Dan "Fake Steve" Lyons


Real Steve

Real Steve

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picture-35Skype’s Net based phone calling service and other voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) apps are an extreme long shot for iPhone in China (likely will be prohibited from Apple’s China App Store). But it is notable to see VoIP calling apps making their way to the Apple App Store in the US and many countries. VoIP calling will be restricted to WiFi only. China may effectively block WiFi on iPhone due to China’s prohibitive WAPI (a proprietary encryption and authentication solution for WiFi) security standards. So it will be “no Skype for you” in China for the foreseeable future. I’m sure jail-breakers will set me strait … where there’s a will, there’s a way (blackmarket iPhones with WiFi enabled). There are plenty of WiFi sites in China’s urban zones … the problem is that China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is not approving WiFi for use in mobile phones.  That might be changing soon if handsets’ wireless card and firmware support WAPI and undergo MIIT testing and win approval. More > HERE  

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Apple (AAPL) on the move


Apple’s Not So Quiet Rally And Why It Will Continue

picture-21Posted By: Jim Goldman
Something bordering on miraculous has occurred since the day Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced he would be taking a 6-month medical leave of absence – a rally, and a big one.  >  Read More

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Thurs. Jan. 22 2009 – Apple reports better than expected results. Insight with CNBC’s Jim Goldman. See > VIDEO












Thurs. Jan. 22 2009 – Good cop, bad cop … Guess which one. Discussing Apple’s profits and outlook, with Colin Gillis (scowling on the right), TheStreet.com and David Garrity, GVA Research. See > VIDEO
Thurs. Jan. 22 2009 – 25th anniversary. A look at one of the greatest ads of all time, with CNBC’s Darren Rovell.> See VIDEO

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New Study Says iPhone Ranks First—For Business

EXCERPT: This is a stunner for Apple and its iPhone, and just goes to show why Research in Motion and its BlackBerry have a little more to worry about: JD Power and Associates ranked the iPhone highest in customer satisfaction, not for everyday consumers as you might expect. But for “business wireless smartphone users.”

Why is that significant? Remember that Apple set out to build a smartphone for consumers that hopefully business users would eventually adopt. It was a way to address the market that RIM had practically ignored by creating a business-friendly BlackBerry at the expense of the kinds of things consumers really wanted, like multimedia, cameras, games, etc. It would appear, based on the JD Power report this morning, that business users like what they see when it comes to iPhone.

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