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Apple’s iPhone bested all major smartphone competitors in consumer satisfaction. This according to the vaunted JD Power organization. Read PR or click over to read full details through > Fortune’s Apple 2.0



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New Study Says iPhone Ranks First—For Business

EXCERPT: This is a stunner for Apple and its iPhone, and just goes to show why Research in Motion and its BlackBerry have a little more to worry about: JD Power and Associates ranked the iPhone highest in customer satisfaction, not for everyday consumers as you might expect. But for “business wireless smartphone users.”

Why is that significant? Remember that Apple set out to build a smartphone for consumers that hopefully business users would eventually adopt. It was a way to address the market that RIM had practically ignored by creating a business-friendly BlackBerry at the expense of the kinds of things consumers really wanted, like multimedia, cameras, games, etc. It would appear, based on the JD Power report this morning, that business users like what they see when it comes to iPhone.

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