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The iPhone 3GS goes on sale tomorrow in Japan

090625ju.JPGThere are already long lines at Softbank storefronts awaiting iPhone 3GS launch on June 26. See more photos > クエストホール入りました、プレゼンは1時なのに。。。 iPhone前夜祭 表参道|恩田フランシス英樹 の VelVet Society / Hideki Francis Onda’s VelVet Society

Thanks to Boxerconan at AAPL Sanity and グリーン・アップルと田舎暮らし greenaapl.exblog.jp for the heads up and links



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via Boxerconan over at AAPL Sanity and GeenAAPL.exblog.jp“There are 20 people on line at one of the local Softbank Stores in Tokyo (not the flagship store).” Note that this only for pre-order of iPhone 3GS. The iPhone 3GS won’t be available in Japan until June 26th. [thanks to iphonefan for links]



Update via Boxerconan: “They reported that about 200 at the flagship store on Omotesando in Tokyo this morning [June 18, 2009].”


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iPhonAsia is in the process of compiling a list of iPhone Developers who have an interest in developing iPhone applications localized for China, Japan and other Pacific Rim regions.

Picture 3The objective is to facilitate your connection with biz/enterprise, VC and other entrepreneurs looking to invest in iPhone app development in Asia.

Once we have compiled the contact/synopsis info for few developers, we will publish a link to this data on a separate iPhonAsia page. We will also leave it open on the web (here) for further updates.  You do not need to be located in Asia to be on this list; however, we ask that you have an interest and aptitude for developing apps localized (language and cultural focus) for Asian markets.

Please enter your data directly > HERE

Here’s a quick summary of data you can share (all fields are optional):

  • Developer / Company Name:
  • Location (City, State/Province, Country):
  • About – Describe your business focus:
  • Apps:
  • Website / Blog Links (URLs):
  • Contact Info:
  • Twitter URL, and any other  social media sites you want to add:

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iPhonAsia stumbled upon a new blog focusing on iPhone in Japan. This blog has no contact info or authorship attribution and only one post. But we liked what we read and you might also.

geshia-iphoneExcerpt: With all the talk that the Japanese cellphone market will never go for Apple’s iPhone, take note of data from Yano Economic Laboratory:

Smartphone sales in Japan were up 68% last year to 1.58 Million Units. Projections for 2009 are 2.07 Million and for 2012 -3.65 Million. Yano specifically notes the iPhones introduction as the catalyst for the increase.

Softbank’s promotion for a “free” iPhone until the end of May was cited as indication of lack of demand. But clearly the anticipation of Apple upgrading the unit in June is spurring Softbank to clear stock. There are rumors, as well that Softbank will lose exclusivity to the iPhone later this year when NTT Docomo starts offering it in its line-up. 

iphone-3g-japanRead more  iPhone starting Smart Phone boom in Japan


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2 notable developments in Japan

Reposted courtesy of Boxerconan on AAPL Sanity 


Mac on Campus

Apple Japan is going to invite colleges that are considering switching to Mac and have an event called “Mac on Campus” on April 28. アップル – Event – Mac on Campus It will be an all day event with presentations and hands on seminars.

image_53603Apple looking for premium resellers

Apple Japan is seeking candidates to run “Premium Resellers.” アップルジャパン株式会社の独立開業プラン|商材&事業支援 – アントレnet Now Apple wants to promote its products via smaller Apple independent stores nationwide.  I think they can do it because they are confident that the demand is growing.


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djgeoybkmaRyuichi Sakamoto starts a nationwide tour promptly playing selections from his new album “out of noise”. It mixes the sound source of the piano and the 珠 ball which is the piano in the base. The recording features natural sounds in the arctic circle, and the like. In series event “Dream Classroom” for the student who with Apple Store Ginza is started newly from this Spring as a lecturer appearance on March 8th.

まもなく全国ツアーをスタートする坂本龍一のニューアルバム「out of noise」。ピアノをベースに、北極圏などで自然の音をレコーディングし、音源としてミックスした珠玉のピアノ作品。Apple Store Ginzaでこの春から新しくスタートする学生向けのシリーズイベント「Dream Classroom」で講師としても3月8日に登場


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Softbank Lands Its First Corporate 3G iPhone Customer in Japan
Stephen Kamizuru (Blog) 

– October 7, 2008 7:56 AM


BearingPoint will provide 1,000 3G iPhones to its workers in Japan

Japanese news site Nikkei Net reports SoftbankMobile recently signed its first corporate customer for the 3G iPhone in Japan. The Japanese unit of consultancy firm BearingPoint agreed to purchase 1,000 3G iPhones to be used amongst 1,200 consultants at client offices.

According to a PC World article, BearingPoint said it chose the 3G iPhone with the goal of improving the productivity of its consultants by helping them access information more easily. Currently, its consultants carry both a cellular telephone and a data modem card for a PC. BearingPoint’s decision is noteworthy as it is the first instance of a large scale adoption of the 3G iPhone with the goal of improving worker productivity in Japan.

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