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Update – June 16, 2009:

Snow Leopard allows Chinese characters to be drawn freehand on the trackpad. (Credit: Apple)

Snow Leopard allows Chinese characters to be drawn freehand on the trackpad. (Credit: Apple)

The Chinese character recognition technology discussed in the post below was developed by the very same Chinese firm (Hangwang) that has staked a claim to the “iPhone” name. Was it just a coincidence that Apple demoed their technology at WWDC? Don’t think so. Use of Hanwang technology in future Apple products could be part of a quid pro quo between Apple and Hanwang. This iPhone trademark dispute may very well be worked out amicably.

CNET is now following iPhonAsia’s lead by calling attention to the Chinese character input methods demoed at WWDC ’09. CNET suggests that this is but one of several Snow Leopard tidbits that point to the existence of the rumored Apple iTablet. iPhonAsia agrees …

Below is an excerpt from CNET’s article – Snow Leopard features hint at Apple tablet posted today (June 16, 2009): “Freehand Drawing > And then there’s the addition of freehanding via the touchpad. Apple said Snow Leopard will allow users to draw Chinese characters freehand onto a Mac notebook track pad, and the OS will predict characters for faster writing. This feature could clearly transfer from trackpad input to direct onscreen input if Apple engineers wanted. They already have a similar feature in the iPhone for Chinese characters based on the technology from Hanwang.

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iPhonAsia post June 9, 2009:

Quoting Scott Forstall from the WWDC 2009 Keynote:

Picture 12“We ship a single operating system [iPhone 3.0] around the world localized into every language we support. That means that a bi-lingual customer writing in English can just tap on this globe button and dynamically and in real time switch to a different language. That’s one of the advantages of our soft keyboard.

Now we’re adding support for even more languages with iPhone 3.0 … We now support over 30 different languages with iPhone 3.0 and every one of these languages has a portrait keyboard and dynamically a landscape keyboard.”

Asian languages supported in iPhone 3.0 include: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, and Malaysian.

Earlier in the Keynote, Bernard Serlet demoed Chinese character input methods. Quoting Serlet:

Picture 16“It can be cumbersome to input certain Chinese characters with a keyboard … but you’ve got a track pad [on a Mac] why not use it?!  With Snow Leopard you can draw with your finger and the computer predicts the character and even predicts the next character to come.”

This same character recognition and predictive capability already exists on iPhone apps for both Chinese and Japanese languages. Read and see more > Apple acquires Chinese and Japanese character recognition app for iPhone

Picture 13


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According to a June 8, 2009 report via Bloomberg – Taipei Apple will ship a touch-screen netbook with a 10-inch screen by the end of this year. This news is sourced to a report issued today by Daiwa Securities Group analyst Calvin Huang. Mr. Huang noted that;

“The new [iTablet] product, to be made by Hon Hai Precision Industry, will use chips from Infineon and will be based on technology from ARM.”


Mac iTablet concept

Mac iTablet concept

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MacRumors has dissected the latest Snow Leopard OS build (10A354) and has found an interesting tidbit … Chinese handwriting technology built into Mac OS X.

2545_hwrLast May (2008) Apple acquired both Japanese and Chinese handwriting technology for use in the iPhone. Now it appears that Apple will be incorporating this same technology into Mac OS X for use on touch screen devices to be named later. As Mac Rumors states; “Most interesting, however, is the fact that it [Chnese handwriting recognition technology] is specifically enabled on multi-touch capable machines. We presume this to include Apple’s notebooks which include multi-touch trackpads.”

iPhonAsia might add that the rumored iTablet will likely be a 10″ inch screen multi-touch device.



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mac-tablet-rumorSilicon Alley Insider’s Dan Frommer is stirring up more buzz over the rumored Applet iTablet … or whatever the multi-purpose high def device is going to be called:

  • iTablet?
  • iPod Touch HD?
  • Media Pad?
  • iPad?
  • Son of Newton?
  • “Kindle Killer?”

promo_billion_apps_thankyou_image20090418iPhonAsia believes that SAI is right. An Apple tablet device may be on its way later this year. Note to Amazon, when it arrives, pull over to the side of the road, cause the Apple device is going to blow the doors off. The new tablet device will likely provide many of the same features/benefits as the iPod Touch but with a full version Snow Leopard OS and massive storage. The device is rumored to have a 10″ screen. Plenty big to watch high def movies, read e-books and play games.  This Apple device won’t be just for fun and games. With a full version of Snow Leopard, the device should be able to function as an ultra portable Macbook, albeit with a full touch screen.

Here is an excerpt from Dan Frommer’s SAI post:

… “we still think the ultra-portable computing market is going to be led by a well-designed, all-purpose gadget that’s good at Web, reading, multimedia, and some games. Bigger than the iPod touch, a bit smaller than the Kindle DX, and not as cramped as a netbook. And we haven’t seen that yet.

It sounds like Apple’s “media pad” or “iPod touch HD” — supposedly in development — could do all of those well. If priced right, and designed as well as Apple’s other recent portables, it could do very well — zooming past netbooks and e-book readers on sales charts.”


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picture-32Update – May 3, 2009: CNBC reported today that six colleges are moving to digital textbooks and looking at Kindle. My advice to universities and students … wait for the Apple iTablet. 

Update – April 19, 2009: Since this post first appeared on Feb 3, several things have happened:

It is not too far of a stretch to imagine Apple dominating the education textbook market just as they do music today. The old model of hardcopy university textbooks will give way to digital. This will accelerate as soon as Apple unveils a new 10 inch screen tablet device that reads books better than Kindle … Parents and students will love it … same content at 1/5 the price + no heavy books to lug around. Many of the books will come with audio tracks as well for the car or when the eyes need a rest. 

iTunes U + a 10 inch tablet = Apple moving in a big way to the book/education biz. This will be big! And iPhonAsia believes it’s coming in 2009!

NOTE: Seth Weintraub’s post 4/19/2009 post “Watch out Amazon Kindle, Apple’s Book sales are skyrocketing” is a must read!

iPhonAsia comment: You can already find a number of e-books and a few e-reader apps through the Apple App Store. We think this is only just the beginning. Apple may very well develop their own e-book reader app for iPhone (read and swipe pages with your finger or slip in your ear buds and touch “audio”), iPod Touch and Mac platforms and get busy on content deals with publishers. This is a bigger market than you might think. Stay tuned …

Imagining an iTunes eBook Store

EXCERPT: Confession time. I was wrong about reading ebooks on the iPhone.

picture-1When I evaluated various ereading devices a few months back, I came to the conclusion that the iPhone was not suitable for long form reading. Months later, I’ve now read several books on the iPhone and I have to admit that the experience is growing on me. In fact, I frequently find myself looking at my bookshelf and thinking, “I wish I had that book on my iPhone”.

In most cases those wishes are an impossibility because there’s no (legal) way to get the book in question onto my iPhone — or any other reading device, for that matter. In some cases, where digital editions are available, they aren’t available in a format that would work with any of the current iPhone reader applications.

There’s hope that all of this may be changing soon, as publisher interest in the iPhone/iPod Touch seems to be growing by the day. Publishers are rushing to experiment with all manner of ebook releases targeted at the iPhone

Read full article > HERE

Read also Wired article > E-Books have a future in iTunes

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dsi-vs-iphone-grudge-match-20090409042528317_1241222295Matt Casamassina has created a top ten list of reasons why iPhone will make a big move into gaming. iPhonAsia can add a few items to Matt’s list. For one, Apple recently hired Richard Teversham away from Microsoft’s Xbox division. And earlier this week Apple hired Bob Drebin, chief technologist at Advanced Micro Device’s graphics group and the creator of Nintendo Gamecube’s graphics processor. Apple has also been building up its internal chip design team and now has chip designer Mark Papermaster running the Devices Hardware Engineering unit. Apple has also been transitioning the Mac platform to NVIDIA graphics chips, ideal for gaming. iPhone OS 3.0 is very game friendly and enables “in app” purchase + integration with hardware devices. Finally, there has been plenty of buzz about Apple developing an could-this-become-the-new-iphone-tabletiTablet device that may make its debut in late 2009. The iPhone and iPod Touch are already very capable gaming devices. Toss in a new iTablet with a vibrant 10 inch screen, and you can see how Apple could launch an “all-fronts” assault on the handheld gaming market. 

picture-11Read Matt Casamassina’s full article 10 Reasons Nintendo Should Fear iPhone and iPod Touch > HERE 

10. It’s a Gaming Trojan Horse

9. It Really Does Fit Into Your Pocket

8. It’s Always Connected

7. The App Store Kicks DSiWare’s Ass

6. Games Are Cheap and Upgradeabl

5. No Stylus Necessary

4. More Power, More Storage, More Access

3. Rumors of Premium Games Around the Corner

2. Developers — Both Big and Small — Love It

1. New iPhones and the Promise of Buttons and D-Pad


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picture-114Update – April 27, 2009: Rumor – Verizon in talks to get iTablet device? Read report and watch video > HERE

Note: This report and video is interesting, but treat with skepticism. Apple is highly unlikely to develop a CDMA (EVDO) iPhone, and they’ve said as much. Apple may however be chatting with Verizon about an iPhone in 2011 on the new (on the drawing board) 4G LTE network. It’s also possible that Apple would talk with Verizon about new Macs and/or a new iTablet with WWLAN support for mobile networks. Verizon might well subsidize any Apple device that requires an on contract subscription.

Sascha Sagen has some interesting thoughts on a possibly orchestrated Verizon whispering campaign designed to draw attention away from the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre. Read > HERE  

Cook and Jobs

Cook and Jobs

About that Apple netbook … Think tablet

April 22, 2009 – During today’s Apple (AAPL) Q2 earnings conference call, an analysts asked if Apple was considering entering the netbook space. Apple COO (and acting CEO) Tim Cook, all but dismissed that idea, suggesting that most netbook offerings today do not deliver a very good consumer experience. Then Tim Cook said something more interesting …

“…we do look at the space and are interested to see how customers respond to it. People who want a small computer, so to speak, that does browsing and email might want to buy an iPod touch or they might want to buy an iPhone. And so we have other products to accomplish what people are buying a netbook for. So in that particular way we “play” on an indirect basis. And then of course if we find a way where we can deliver an innovative product that really makes a contribution, then we’ll do that. We have some interesting ideas in this space. The product pipeline is fantastic for the Mac.”

Dan Frommer and Henry Blodget talk about an Apple iTablet device. Watch video > HERE

More video on the rumored Apple iTablet (iPod Touch HD) > HERE

tablet concept - courtesy desinformado

tablet concept - courtesy desinformado



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