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route-apps-20090608gene_munster_01Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster appeared on CNBC’s Fast Money program today (July 7). See video below. Discussion of Apple (AAPL) begins about halfway through the video. According to Piper Jaffray’s channel checks iPhones and Macs are selling well and should have a favorable impact on Apple’s (AAPL) earnings. As Munster puts it: “There’s no question that now is a good time to own Apple (AAPL) … June is going to be good, but September and December are going to be huge for these guys (Apple) … iPhone apps are like a boa constrictor, these apps on the iPhone are slowly squeezing the life out of the competition … This is going to be a strong back-half of the year for Apple (AAPL).”

macbook-promo-image20090608Munster suggested that Apple’s recent decision to cut Macbook prices was a smart business move. He noted that inventories are low and believes that Apple sold at least 2.2 million Macbooks during the third quarter. According to Munster: “We track product lead-times and our records show that Apple has never had a 7-10 day delay on its most popular 13″ model, with the most recent significant delay being 5-7 days over 2 years ago in 9/08.” …”We see this as a sign that demand is outpacing the company’s build expectations, and it may take several weeks to reach a supply demand equilibrium.” Vodpod videos no longer available.


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article-1190367-052F9C0A000005DC-131_468x306Two suitcases run through the x-ray machines at the Dalian, China Airport looked a bit suspicious to alert customs officials. The snugly packed bags contained eighty-two (82) new iPhone 3GS. The passenger belonging to the bags was detained by Chinese authorities. It was determined that the 82 iPhones in his possession were beyond the bounds of reasonable personal use, and no surprise, the passenger had not declared his bountiful Apple cargo to customs. Full story > HERE (in Mandarin)

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Wall Street Journal, April 5, 2008 – Page B16

WSJ: When iPhones Go Missing

Are Tourists Snapping Up Devices and Selling Them For Use on Other Networks?

Full Wall Street Journal article > HERE

Where are all the iPhones? Apple sold 3.7 million of its hit mobile phones last year, but its official partners only registered 2.3 million new customers. Meanwhile, many of its U.S. retail stores are selling out of the handsets. Apple is tight-lipped, but the two stories could be related.



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