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250px-bestbuysh-711725Not a major revelation … just one more piece of the puzzle falling into place … According to dycj.ynet.com (reported via Trading Markets), retailer Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE: BBY) will introduce 3G products and services of China Unicom at its franchise stores.

1240987921789_1240987921789_rBack in April ‘09, Apple and Best Buy announced an Apple “store-in-store” distribution partnership in China (By the end of Summer 2009, 40 mini Apple stores-wthin-a-store will be open for business). Now (August 3, 2009) China Unicom and Best Buy have announced plans to distribute 3G phones through Best Buy stores. Coincidence? I think not.picture-342

Read more from April iPhonAsia post > http://iphonasia.com/?p=4636


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iphonechinaChina Business Network (CBN) is reporting today (July 17) that China Unicom and Apple have finalized their iPhone negotiations and will most likely launch a special iPhone for China in September. CBN also notes that iPhone’s OEM, Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision), has played a crucial middle-man role in the signing of the agreement.

As reported earlier, the Wi-Fi function will be disabled on the Chinese version of the iPhone 3G to comply with the requirements of MIIT. More details here on WAPI/WiFi

According to several reports, the new model iPhone for China has been given the code name “model 90” by Foxconn. This is almost certainly the same new iPhone (model A1324) that is reportedly in production right now.

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More background about WiFi/WAPI on iPhone in China:

Here is iPhonAsia’s reply to CNET Asia article – iPhone finally coming to China, but who cares?

idannyb says…

Hi Ryan,

wifi-music-store-header1While all signs point to no WiFi on the “official” iPhone for China, there is a chance that Apple will submit a dual WAPI/WiFi model that would meet China’s requirements. Yet I’ll concede that this is a long shot.

Based on purported insider leaks to China’s tech press in March, Apple submitted two models for testing – one with WiFi and one without. Yet based on everything that I’ve read, China’s MIIT has allowed only one model to continue through the testing process – Model A1324. This appears to be a new Apple iPhone developed for the China market. It may come preloaded with several “for China” apps (e.g. Youku, Hanwang’s HWPen, etc) but it will most likely come sans WiFi.

Interfax TMT reported on April 7 that Apple had agreed to provide a majority share of App Store revenue to China Unicom. This leads me to believe that China Unicom has agreed to allow Apple to control delivery of wireless value added services (WVAS) and will allow iPhones to load apps via Apple’s China App Store (vs the app store that China Unicom will soon launch). I would imagine that as part of the negotiation quid-pro-quo, China Unicom will agree to pay a modest per unit subsidy and that the official iPhone will be priced significantly lower than grey market iPhones coming in from Hong Kong.

One item of note is that the iPhone 3GS has now landed in Hong Kong (July 10) and the SIM unlocked version can now be ordered through Apple’s HK Online Store. I’ve heard reports that the SIM unlocked models were sold out in a matter of hours. But not to worry, they’ll (Apple/Hon Hai) soon make more. SIM unlocked models must be shipped to a Hong Kong address. Too bad they need to swim across the channel and then back again.

SIM unlocked iPhone 3GS for 16GB HKD 5,388 ($695 US) and 32GB HKD 6,288 ($811 US) respectively.

In addition to Model A1324, I’m holding out hope (pure speculation) for another new model iPhone later in 2010. This model would be a low-priced “2G only” iPhone and would be available to any China carrier (unlocked). This model would be aimed at prepaid wireless consumers in BRIC nations, particularly in China and India.

Thanks for your article and insights,

~ Dan Butterfield

Jul 13, 2009 05:37

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picture-3Owen Fletcher at IDG News Service has authored an interesting article — Chinese iPhone apps expand as Apple seeks deal — on the rapidly growing list of Apple’s China App Store applications targeting China’s iPhone users. That should be no surprise to anyone as an official iPhone in China is coming soon and there are are over 670 million wireless users in China. Look for many new mobile games and video apps. Read Owen Fletcher’s article > HERE





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10221757-extendlogic-it-outsourcing-and-consultingjpgExtendLogic, an IT outsourcing and consulting company, conducted a seminar on Apple iPhone China Market Opportunities at Apple Headquarters in Cupertino. The April 16th event was a collaboration with IMUG (International Mac User Group). For more details on the event, read the full ExtendLogic Press Release > HERE


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