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Digital Playworld exec throws a tantrum after he’s caught trying to sell iClones

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EXCERPT via redferret … Apple lawyers have apparently been busy for the past few months destroying iPhone clone sellers in the UK who have been supplying copycat Chinese iPhones over the Internet. One casualty, which is now all but bankrupt, is Digital Playworld which received the full frontal assault of an army of Apple legal Rottweilers who, in the words of Simon Rimmer, Digital Playworld’s managing director, ‘came at me all guns blazing, big bully boy tactics’.

iPhonAsia Editor Comment: iClones are blatant rip-off of Apple’s iPhone and we are pleased that Apple took direct action. Reload and bring out the blazing guns again. The Germans should also be commended for their actions at the March 2008 CeBIT Trade Show when, citing “piracy”, they raided the Meizu booth with iClones on full display.  


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 Here come the iClones!  


Chris Davies reviews the iPhone copycat T32

The verdict? … “laughably poor.”  See full review over at > PhoneMag




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Update: March 7, 2008

German patent police hit CeBit trade show

German authorities get serious over patent violations.

German authorities raided Wednesday morning 51 exhibitors at CeBit in Hannover, Germany. Of the accused, 24 were from China, 15 were from Taiwan or Hong Kong, nine were from Germany, and the others came from Poland, the Netherlands, and Korea.

Amongst the targets were Meizu and their M8 iClone. 


 Meizu files patent in China for their M8.  

Hey, if I designed something this “original,” (not) I’d patent it too

More here too > Meizu M8?  Apple lawyers, start your engines

Meizu filed their patent application with China’s patent Application Office last February. Looks like Meizu design team coincidently got inspiration (circa MacWorld 2007) and came up with their own revolutionary design. It’s pretty on the outside, but it runs WinMobile.  

As Engadget notes, “given the Meizu M8’s not-so-faint resemblance to another semi-famous handheld, you’d think trying to get a patent on the design would be fairly fruitless — but it looks like the company’s giving it a shot anyway.” NOTE: China’s patent office published the Meizu patent/photos (below) on January 16, 2008





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Blackmarket iPhones in China 黑市iPhones 在中国

The blackmarket for iPhone in China continues to thrive.  Here are a few good articles on topic

China’s New “Love Craze” – Blackmarket in iPhones

~ Adventurina King

Excerpt: The iPhone is readily available in computer superstores in most large Chinese cities. In Beijing’s Zhong Guancun, a 15-story mall filled with technology vendors, almost all the stalls are stocked. Two weeks ago, the blogger of Too Many Resources for the iPhone asked several of these vendors whether they could sell him 100 iPhones. They all answered “No problem.”


China’s iPhone Fans Find a Way

by Bruce Einhorn and Chi-Chu Tschang

EXCERPT: Want to buy an iPhone in Beijing? Talk to Liu Yong. Apple’s (AAPL) wonder isn’t legally available in China, but Liu, who operates an electronics shop in the Zhongguancun neighborhood close to the capital’s premier universities, has plenty of inventory and is more than happy to sell you one for about $680.


China’s Big iPhone Secret

~ David Feng

Excerpt: At the start, prices of the iPhone were no less than astronomical: CNY 12,000 (USD $1,625, GBP 794, EUR 1,106). The average Chinese in the city earns around CNY 5,000 on a good salary — that’s USD $677, GBP 331, EUR 461).  Prices have since dropped down to as low as CNY 4,300 (USD $583, GBP 285, EUR 396); however, they’re back up to CNY 5,500 (USD $745, GBP 364, EUR 507). What’s even more amazing than the ever-changing price is the interest: no matter how expensive Apple’s phone may be, there will always be someone interested in the gadget.


Shades of Grey in China’s “black” hanset market

Excerpt: Accounting for the various shades of gray, BDA estimates the illegitimate-handset market in China at 20 million units, or roughly 15 percent of the handsets sold in the country in 2006. At iSuppli, the estimates are higher: Teng puts the 2007 gray market at 60 million units.




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