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MeetupI was honored to be a presenter at the May 28 iPhone for Business Meet-up event delivered at TEN’s (The Enterprise Network) HQ in Santa Clara, CA. Thank you to David Cao, CEO of Extend Logic for inviting iPhonAsia. I shared the podium with Michael Chang, CEO of Greystripe and Adam Blum, CEO of RHomobile.

My presentation was entitled – Cashing in on iPhone and the Mobile Applications Revolution. Thank you to Bo Wang, CEO iBokan for allowing me to share his iPhone app case study. The iPhonAsia PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded > HERE

This was my second opportunity to attend a Meet-up event sponsored by Extend Logic. As you might imagine, iPhone developers are a very interactive and “wicked smart” (to borrow a Tim Cook quip) group. They asked many excellent questions and had plenty of insights to share. We learned about several interesting business models and offered a few tidbits and case studies on ways/means developers can monetize their apps.

There are many takeaways from these iPhone developer events, but one general theme that holds true … we are only at the very beginning of an amazing mobile content revolution! It’s also very evident who will lead this revolution – Apple and the iPhone, iPod Touch platform.

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Here is the first slide from last night’s iPhonAsia presentation –

Picture 2


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