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071212-google-china03products_monternetGoogle (Nasdaq:GOOG) China announced that it has renewed a contract to provide search technology support for China Mobile’s (NYSE:CHL, 941.HK) mobile application service Monternet. The companies formed a two-year partnership in January 2007. 

picture-17Google China also agreed to provide mobile search for Sina’s (Nasdaq:SINA) wireless application protocol service (wap.sina.com.cn), the company said. Tencent (700.HK) and WAP portal 3g.cn have also been Google China mobile search clients.


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They say a picture is worth a thousand words … so here (below) are  two recent graphics that aptly illustrate how Apple’s iPhone is faring against the competition. The first is from Fortune via Philip Elmer DeWitt’s blog Apple 2.0. PED shows a trend chart which graphically illustrates the number of times the word “iPhone” appears in a Google search request. The trend line compares searches for “iPhone” vs. “Palm” vs. “BlackBerry” vs. “Windows Mobile” vs. “Android.” Pretty obvious that iPhone continues to capture the interest of millions of Netizens.


Are iPhone users active websurfers? You bet they are! Vic Gundotra, head of Google’s mobile operations told the Financial Times at the 2008 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona … Google has seen

data-plan21“50 times more searches on Apple’s iPhone than any other mobile handset…We thought it was a mistake and made our engineers check the logs again,” [no mistake] See iPhonAsia post > It’s all about Data

The second chart (below) shows AdMob’s latest (January 2009) mobile advertising metrics report. The pice chart shows the iPhone is responsible for 51 percent of online ad requests among smartphones in the US, and 32 percent worldwide. AdMob chart also shows the iPhone and iPod touch topping the list as the most popular “handsets” among users visiting its network sites.


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iPhonAsia comment: The TD Android phone is no surprise … we’ve blogged about this before and this has been in the works for many months.  

Apple and China Mobile have been under a strict NDA and no iPhone in China deal announcement will likely be made until days before launch.  Best guess for announcement timing is within the next 90 days.  iPhonAsia anticipates (more guesswork) Apple iPhone deals with both China Mobile and China Unicom. The China Mobile announcement will likely come 3 to 6 months before the China Unicom announcement. 

More iPhonAsia commentary re China Mobile and Google > HERE

China Mobile to launch 3G phone on android platform-source

picture-25China Mobile (0941.HK), the world’s largest wireless carrier, plans to launch a 3G handset built on the Android platform in the first quarter, a source with direct knowledge of the issue said on Friday.

The handset, named “OPhone”, will be the first phone in China that features Google’s (GOOG.O) Android operating system and will use China’s homegrown third-generation mobile network, the source said.

Lenovo Mobile, a former mobile phone unit of Lenovo Group (0992.HK), is the maker of the phone, said the source who requested anonymity ahead of the product’s official release.

“The product is in the final testing stage at the moment,” the source said.

A spokesman from China Mobile in Beijing declined to comment.

China Mobile acquired a licence to develop TD-SCDMA networks on Wednesday when Beijing handed out long-awaited 3G licences to its three state-run carriers. [ID:nL7330594]

TD-SCDMA technology, which is domestically developed and heavily backed by Beijing, has seen slow progress since China Mobile started test trials last year. The lack of handsets is one of the major obstacles.

So far, there are only dozens of TD-SCDMA handsets available. Most of them are domestically made, with a small portion carrying international brands, such as Motorola (MOT.N), Samsung Electronics (005930.KS) andLG Electronics (066570.KS).

Google introduced the world’s first Andriod-based phone last September.


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China Mobile plans research center in Silicon Valley

Updated:2008/10/10 13:14

China Mobile plans to establish a research and development center in Silicon Valley in the United States in 2009, according to the company’s senior executive.

This will be the first time China’s telecom industry releases an overseas research and development plan since the recent restructuring. It is also China Mobile’s first overseas research and development effort.

President of China Mobile’s Institute of Research Huang Xiaoqing says that for a long time, voice services has contributed to the majority of China Mobile’s revenue, but now it needs some innovations and Silicon Valley has the best environment.

In the past, mobile and the Internet services were operated on two independent platforms. However, the merger of the two has pushed for the need to have a unified mobile platform.

At present, China Mobile is actively contacting other operators to establish a jointly-managed mobile platform like Google‘s Android mobile phone operating system.


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Huawei developing software to enhance telecom carriers’ value-added services on next-generation (high speed) networks.


It is no secret that China Mobile wants to drive handset owners’ usage of the Monternet value-added services platform (music, mobile TV, video, search, etc.).

To aid China Mobile and other carriers, Huawei recently announced that they will launch a new division to facilitate the integration between handsets and carriers’ VAS. Quoting Huawei Software’s head of marketing Guo Yajun: “Value-added services are becoming increasingly important for operators’ further development.” For example, China Mobile has attached great importance to its overall VAS strategy… Full story > HERE

So what is Huawei doing about this keen interest on the part of major carriers worldwide?  > Something interesting. 

Excerpt: Huawei says that its software is interoperable with the network equipment from multiple vendors and that it has developed a number of telecom software partnerships, with companies such as Convergys Corp., IBM Corp., and Hewlett-Packard Co., to deliver a full range of capabilities.

In a related story, Google is now working with China Mobile on “search” via their Monternet WAP portal

What’s the tie-in to an iPhone deal in China?  

It is not at all clear that there is any tie-in to Apple or iPhone. However, China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou was quoted at the early April 2008 Boao Forum (paraphrase) –

“The two sides (Apple and China Mobile) had reached a consensus on some manner of cooperation but had yet to discuss a range of technical issues.”

One such technical issue might be how iPhone can integrate with China Mobile’s VAS.  


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Update 5/29/08: iPhonAsia has reviewed numerous current reports which indicate that the newly formed China Uniom/Netcom will receive W-CDMA 3G when telecom restructuring dust has settled (in 3 to 18 mos)If this proves true, China Unicom may become an alternative to China Mobile as a partner for Apple (iPhone) in China.  It may also be possible for Apple to work with both carriers. Note also the just announced 5/29/08 iPhone deal in Hong Kong and Macau with Hutchison Telecom Intl. Ltd.  Hutchison runs a W-CDMA network in Macau.

Non-Exclusivity means broader distribution in China

Two mobile service providers, Vodafone and Telecom Italia, announced yesterday that they had struck separate deals with Apple Inc. to sell the iPhone in Italy.  iPhonAsia is speculating that Vodafone and Optus will share the Australian, New Zealand market.  Might this be a trend?   

Could we see a similar arrangement with Apple and China’s two key players in wireless – China Mobile and China Unicom (most likely to obtain a W-CDMA 3G license)?  Highly speculative? Absolutely! Possible? You bet. Apple is moving to new business models for iPhone, and there appears to be room for more than one major carrier in each market. There are also new sources of revenue for Apple with the iPhone SDK and App Store.




Consensus on Cooperation Reached with Apple

One recent item that passed below radar level was China Mobile Wang Jianzhou’s comment at the Boao Forum (April) -China Mobile reached “consensus on some manner of cooperation” with Apple.  This “cooperation” could be nothing or it could be something substantial, such as how users will access iTunes and the App Store. China Mobile has their own data services platform (Monternet) and Music download service called M.Music. How China Mobile will play with iTunes is a key aspect of “cooperation.”  The App Store will also be an important area for cooperation. China (Nation/State) Ministries tend to place limits on what can be downloaded. Hence the need to reach some understanding on how China Mobile customers can use iTunes and the App Store.

Apple may have an ally in this “cooperation” with China Mobile. Google (GOOG) has optimized their platform for iPhone and Google is working with China Mobile by offering its search engine on China Mobile’s Monternet WAP mobile Internet. 




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