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iPhonAsia is in the process of compiling a list of iPhone Developers who have an interest in developing iPhone applications localized for China, Japan and other Pacific Rim regions.

Picture 3The objective is to facilitate your connection with biz/enterprise, VC and other entrepreneurs looking to invest in iPhone app development in Asia.

Once we have compiled the contact/synopsis info for few developers, we will publish a link to this data on a separate iPhonAsia page. We will also leave it open on the web (here) for further updates.  You do not need to be located in Asia to be on this list; however, we ask that you have an interest and aptitude for developing apps localized (language and cultural focus) for Asian markets.

Please enter your data directly > HERE

Here’s a quick summary of data you can share (all fields are optional):

  • Developer / Company Name:
  • Location (City, State/Province, Country):
  • About – Describe your business focus:
  • Apps:
  • Website / Blog Links (URLs):
  • Contact Info:
  • Twitter URL, and any other  social media sites you want to add:

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