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China’s CCTV reports on the current status of 3G

China Mobile – TD-SCDMA 3G (launched continuing network buildout)

China Unicom – W-CDMA 3G (currently building network, target trial launch is May 17, 2009)

China Telecom – CDMA2000 3G (currently building network)




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China, US pledge to advance ties and share responsibility


Chinese President Hu Jintao and Premiere met with new US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. On Saturday, they said they would advance bilateral ties and share responsibility…

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MIIT aiming to encourage network convergence with new policies


Li Yizhong - Newly appointed head of the Ministry for Information and Industry.

Li Yizhong - Newly appointed head of the Ministry for Information and Industry.

Beijing. October 21. INTERFAX-CHINA – China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is framing new policies to encourage the convergence of Internet, telecom and TV networks, the MIIT said on Oct. 19.


Chinese swimmer - Wu Peng

Chinese swimmer - Wu Peng

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Mobile TV in Asia

Adoimagazine has published a detailed report about the future of Mobile TV in Asia.  This report was commissioned by the Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Association of Asia (CASBAA) and was researched and written by the digital research agency Tomorrow.  One thing that is clear, if mobile TV is going to take off as projected, the end-user’s handset must offer a superior audio/visual experience.  There is none better than Apple’s iPhone.

How big is the mobile TV market?  Analysts are nothing if not bullish, with worldwide Mobile TV audience projections ranging from 120 million (Juniper) to 488 million (Gartner) within five years.

 Full report  HERE

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EXCERPT: Having the right ecosystem in place typically involves resolving up front a variety of issues relating to both technology and as well rights management. This will often require a consortium model that includes all the necessary stakeholders. 

There are four aspects of a healthy Mobile TV ecosystem: 
• The device • Middleware 
• The delivery platform 
• Content and rights management

An example of a relatively sophisticated media ecosystem is Apple iTunes.

Apple combined attractively designed music and telecommunications devices (iPod/iPhone), with consistent middleware to allow users to manage their content assets (iTunes), with a universal delivery platform (Internet), and finally a large selection of well priced music and video content (negotiated deals with music labels and TV studios).



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Wu Peng is one of China’s great hopes for a medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Recently, he won the 200m butterfly at the Asian Games.  This would be fun to watch on iPhone from China Mobile and Apple.

吴・彭是对奖牌的中国的巨大希望的当中一个在2008 年北京奥林匹克。最近, 他赢取了200m 蝴蝶在亚运会。这会是乐趣观看在iPhone 从中国机动性和苹果计算机公司

CCTV.com Becomes the Only Official Internet/Mobile Phone Broadcaster of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

CCTV held a press conference for Olympic new media resources at Media Center Beijing on January 21. Mr. Sun Yusheng, CCTV vice-president and Ms. Li Hong, chief representative of IOC’s Beijing Office, as well as nearly 400 delegates from enterprise clients, advertising agencies and press attended this conference.


CCTV has obtained media broadcasting rights for the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.  CCTV will give full play to its advantages in multiple platforms such as TV station, network, mobile phone, bus mobile TV and IP TV.  Broadcasting by a wide arry of technology platforms will allow China’s 210 million netizens and over 500 million mobile phone users to stay current with all Olympic events.




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