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qianmen-the-front-gate-of-beijingUpdate 2 – May 31, 2009: Thanks to Silvia Simeonova in Beijing for finding the store location. Apparently the store will indeed be located (as originally rumored) near Qianmen Street – South of 2nd Ring Road in Beijing’s historic central axis – Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. Over the last several years, the area has been undergone a major (9.2 billion yuan) renovation to restore the area to 1920s era architecture. Major retailers such as Hennes & Mauritz, Starbucks and Apple will all have storefronts in the new (old) Qianmen district. Interesting video interview about Qianmen (2 years ago).

Update May 31, 2009: WeiPhone.com has posted a story today with architectural renderings of a new “yet to be officially announced” Apple Store in Beijing, China. This would be the second major Apple-owned store to be opened in China. The first store, in Sanlitun Village, opened last summer in time for the 2008 Olympic Games. WeiPhone is reporting that the new Beijing store location is “4th street” … or 4th ring?  Readers? Anyone know where this store front (see below) is located? The 4th Street near to Taoranting Park (also near to the original rumored location on Qianmen Street)? Or perhaps somewhere along the 4th Ring in China’s Silicon Valley (4th Ring Road North West)?

If the renderings are to be believed, then the new store will come with Apple’s signature glass spiral staircase. See slide show of new Beijing Apple Store renderings > HERE

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Feb 25, 2009 – Apple’s planned opening of a second store in China is moving forward



via China Daily


Qianmen Region Beijing

Qianmen Region Beijing

“Apple Inc has chosen the historical Qianmen region in Beijing to open its second retail outlet in China, reported Sina.com, citing an anonymous source inside the company. However, the report did not say when Apple Inc would open the store. Although Apple has had a presence in China for many years, the company did not open its own store until July 19 last year when it launched the first one at Sanlitun in Beijing. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Apple’s planned second store opening in China is coming soon, citing Apple’s spokeswoman. It said Apple’s unit sales in China surged 49 percent in the third quarter of last year, accounting for about 0.25 percent of the company’s total unit sales in the quarter.”

More on Apple’s 1st store in China at Sanlitun > HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE



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China, US to battle financial crisis in concerted effort

picture-115Vice Premier Wang Qishan expressed in the fifth Strategic Economic Dialogue in Beijing that China was contributing to global stability by keeping its own economy growing strongly.

China promised more currency reforms to ease trade tensions but told the United States to get its own economy in order as the two countries opened high-level talks yesterday amid a global financial crisis.

The chief US envoy, Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, said engagement between China and the United States has helped in managing the crisis.

Both sides stressed the importance of cooperation to combat a potential rise in trade protectionism.

The two-day meeting was not expected to produce breakthroughs on trade or other sensitive issues.

The two sides signed a pact yesterday to cooperate in financing for projects to improve energy efficiency and were due to work today on an investment treaty.

Speaking earlier as Paulson listened, Wang appealed to Washington to “take the necessary measures to stabilize the economy and financial markets, as well as to guarantee the safety of China’s assets and investments in the United States.”

Wang did not elaborate, but China owns USD585 billion in Treasury debt that has helped finance US budget deficits, and a weak dollar and financial turmoil have fueled Chinese anxiety about such investments. US officials said the Chinese side promised more currency reforms.

Paulson says China investments no threat to U.S.

The United States is not threatened by the fact that China and other countries are big investors in U.S. securities, U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said on Friday.

In an interview after the conclusion of high-level Sino-American talks, he added that there was strong support in China and elsewhere for U.S. government agency debt. Read the rest of this entry »


China, U.S. Deepen Financial Ties, Aid Global Trade

China and the U.S. pledged $20 billion to fund trade and agreed to deepen financial ties, stepping up efforts to counter the credit crisis in their final economic talks before President-elect Barack Obama takes office.

The U.S. agreed to speed up approvals for Chinese financial institutions investing in the country, the nations said in a joint statement as the Strategic Economic Dialogue ended in Beijing today. China said it would widen access to its bond market and ease borrowing limits for foreign banks. Read the rest of this entry »




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0013729e4a9d0a621c6a17Apple recently hired a new General Manager, Qiu Qiuliang, in China and they have added several new Beijing based job postings in November. Apple also pulled down (removed from career site) one Beijing job posting that may have received too much attention. 

November job postings for Apple in Beijing + new Mandarin/Cantonese customer support via Apple’s center in Singapore:

2D Producer – Beijing

Intern – Beijing

Traffic Manager – Beijing

Mandarin/Cantonese Customer Care Agents- Singapore


John Ford Apple’s Sanlitun Store Manager

John Ford Apple’s Sanlitun Store Manager

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录影: 壮观2008场奥林匹克开幕式

14,000 performers and two years of practice … One word – Wow!

New VIDEO! (thanks Barry) Must see > HERE Opening Ceremonies 

Did you miss it? See VIDEO of Opening Ceremonies (Note: Per NBC request, broadcast videos have been pulled from Youtube – videos 1 – 7 have now been substituted with “approved” videos):

Pssst … leaked video (a few minutes) of opening ceremonies via Dutch TV is still up (click link and scroll down a bit) > HERE  and a few more minutes of video via CCTV > HERE  Many more photos via CCTV > HERE (note that videos on CCTV.com are for Chinese Netizens only).

Li Ning - Lights Torch 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies

Li Ning - Lights Torch 2008 Beijing Olympics Opening Ceremonies

> Prelude

> Part 1 

> Part 2

> Part 3

> Part 4

> Part 5

> Part 6

> Part 7

> Part 8

> Part 9

> Part 10

> Part 11

> Part 12

> Part 13

> Part 14

More photos > HERE

High Def Opening Ceremonies Photos > HERE

One of the greatest swim races ever VIDEO > Beijing Olympics 400 freestyle relay

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Apple Store opens in Beijing’s Sanlitun District

China introduced to the Apple Store experience > HERE

MacWorld EXCERPT: Apple allowed a sneak peek at its flagship store in Beijing on Thursday, along with a glimpse of its China strategy.

The two-level store store will open July 19 in Beijing’s Sanlitun entertainment district at 10 a.m., Apple’s first in China and its 219th worldwide.

“This is the first of many stores we will open in China,” said Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, in remarks at the store. He later added that Apple will open stores “in Beijing, in Shanghai and beyond,” and confirmed that another store will open in Beijing’s Qianmen area, a shopping street south of Tiananmen Square that has been renovated ahead of the Olympic Games, which begin next month. Qianmen was thought to be the location for Beijing’s Apple Store when it was first reported.

Read the full Macworld article > HERE

Apple will open its first Chinese retail store on Saturday in Beijing.

Sina.com reporter at Sanlitun Apple Store.  See full video > HERE

More photos > HERE

Ron Johnson, SR. the vice president of Apple inc., said, “You can come here to try everything, every computer connects to the internet.”

Apple said the store has 65 salesclerks who have undergone special training. And they’re ready to offer consumers personalized instruction on everything from getting started with a Mac to making a digital movie. In addition to the Beijing retail store, Apple is planning to further expand its business in the Chinese market. Ron said, “We just started, the store is a chance…next year we will open the Qianmen store…”

Nearly 350 million people have visited Apple retail stores since they opened in May 2001. The company currently operates 219 retail stores in seven countries, including China.

In photo below, John Ford Apple’s Sanlitun Store Manager meets with the press 


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Young Beijing Bedouins’ modern mobile lifestyles

China is leading the global pack in modern mobile lifestyles. Young Beijing Bedouins have the cheapest, coolest and fastest cell phones and wi-fi gadgets in the world. Today’s Chinese kids are super cyber-connected and savvy to the latest technology, whether it be the latest iPhone or aWorld of Warcraft video game.

By Valerie Sartor
China.org.cn columnist

Full article > HERE

EXCERPT: Modern technological gadgets: young people love them and older people are trying to get used to them. For my grandmother cars represented the height in mobility; for me watching television and later riding in a Boeing 747 started me dreaming about traveling to other parts of the planet. But China’s youth doesn’t have to go anywhere to be deemed urban gypsies: today’s technology allows them to communicate with others anywhere in the world instantly — and it’s getting better, faster and cooler as each year passes.

The American thinker Lewis Mumford started writing back in the 1950s about machines as extensions of human consciousness and the consequences of technology upon human societies. In the 1970s Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian media and communications specialist highly influenced by Mumford, wrote that the “medium is the message”– communications technology affects the thinking process — and ultimately the way humans organize as social units. McLuhan predicted that everyone would become a “global village citizen”when linked decisively by electronic technologies. His premise stated that technology would create a new age with one collective human identity. But McLuhan specifically stressed that we should remain aware of the media’s cognitive effects because every global village has the potential, due to human frailty, to become totalitarin and full of terror.

Today’s youth has grown up with technology, incorporating computers and cell phones into their ordinary lifestyle. Significantly, in Beijing almost every young person I know owns a laptop and a fancy cellphone — these kids are part of the generation I term contemporary nomads because they have the capacity to travel through cyber space and communicate with other people living around the globe. Only limited by their gear and their gadgets, these Beijing Bedouins travel light: the city is full of cyber-oases and cell towers that cater to their crowd. As modern migrants they seem more interested in cyber-connectivity than in travelling across geographical spaces, although many of the curious and able do cross national boundaries to explore other regions of the globe.

Blackmarket iPhone in Beijing China  

Chinese young people rejoice that wireless data connections seem to be getting better all the time. Cellular networks are faster and more reliable. Short-range Wi-Fi hotspots are popping up in ever more places. And a new generation of wireless technologies is already poised to take over, creating wild concepts such as “ultra-reality” that confuses old folks like me but delights the Beijing Bedouins. Yet I like cell phones. When I was younger mobile phones were already widespread, but found mostly in cars because they were so large and clunky; they were used almost exclusively for voice calls. Connecting them to the Internet and even to computers was still unknown when I was thirty.

Full article > HERE
In photo below, a Chinese girl holds up a hacked Apple iPhone that is illegally on sale for USD570 at a computer centre in Shanghai, 16 January 2008. 


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Photo: David Feng Mac-in-China 

Future Beijing Store Location ID’d

February 2nd, 2008

The 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing (China) have taken years of preparation, including the planning and construction of an Apple store to open before the August 8th opening ceremonies. Now the location of the store has been revealed: Qianmen Street.

Full article HERE 


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