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The chief editor of IThexun.com managed an interview today with China Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The interview covered many China telecom industry topics and a short discussion of Apple and iPhone.

DAVOS WEF 2009apple-girlChina Mobile CEO Wang Jianzhou hinted that Apple and China Mobile have not burned any bridges and are continuing in polite conversations. This confirms Feb 13, ’09  reports (via Reuters, JLM Pacific Epoch and China Daily) that “talks continue.” While Apple now appears to have entered into serious negotiations with China Unicom (including a rumored China Unicom visit to Cupertino), the door remains open to the world’s largest carrier – China Mobile.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the February 20 IThexcom post (translated from Mandarin – apologies for the poor translation):

“China Mobile has been studying Apple. It is widely known that without Apple’s cooperation, Wang Jianzhou indicated that China Mobile is also in the study of Apple’s software App Store business model with the aim to create a similar China Mobile App Store. China Mobile will develop their own App Store software store to be called MobileMarket.

crystal-liu-pic-0014The Apple promotes the iPhone handset has received positive user welcome in China. Wang Jianzhou also indicated that because China Mobile’s many customers to hope that they can use iPhone, therefore China Mobile did not stop with the Apple negotiations, but as a result of confidentiality agreement, it is therefore inconvenient to disclose more details.   

Wang Jianzhou called, China Mobile’s new development their own Mobile Operating System platform not a barrier to the introduction of iPhone, although both will not be the using unified systems.”




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