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“Somebody ought to call Steve Jobs, who doesn’t need to be bribed to do innovation, and ask him if he’d like to do national service and run a car company for a year. I’d bet it wouldn’t take him much longer than that to come up with the GM iCar.”

~ Thomas L. Friedman, syndicated columnist for The New York Times

Meanwhile, US Automakers turn their gaze to the far east > China

(Thanks KY)

“Overhead” on the Street in the WSJ:

Circulating in Asia, a view of how the Chinese stimulus package fits in history:

1949 (Chinese revolution): Only socialism can save China.

1979 (Deng Xiaoping reforms): Only capitalism can save China.

1989 (fall of Berlin wall): Only China can save socialism.

2008 (global crisis): Only China can save capitalism.



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