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Apple’s First Retail Store in Australia Opens

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SYDNEY—18 June, 2008—Apple’s first retail store in Australia will open on George Street in Sydney on Thursday, 19 June at 5:00 p.m. Located in the heart of the city’s shopping district, the Apple Store® Sydney features two floors dedicated to Macs and iPods and a third floor entirely dedicated to service, including the world’s largest Genius Bar for free advice and personal training through Apple’s popular One to One membership.

“We are thrilled to bring the unique Apple retail experience to Australia,” said Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail. “This breathtaking new store will be the ultimate place for the people of Sydney to shop, learn and be inspired.” More > HERE

Sydney Apple Store Address: 367 George StSydney NSW 2000(02) 8083 9400

Driving Directions & Map

For more photos, see > ifo Apple Store



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Telstra to join Optus and Vodafone on the iPhone bandwagon?

By Mitchell Bingemann 
20 June 2008 12:28PM

EXCERPT: It appears as though Telstra will belatedly jump on the iPhone bandwagon and will offer Apple’s 3G mobile device some two weeks after rivals Optus and Vodafone make it available to the public.

According to reports in The Australian, Telstra will launch Apple’s new 3G iPhone in mid July, approximately two weeks afterOptus and Vodafone launch the popular handheld device on July 11.

Although Telstra did not respond to iTnews’ requests for confirmation of its iPhone plans, The Australian cited sources close to the telco that it would target a sale date of July 22.

Full article > HERE

New Apple Store in Sydney


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In an article posted over at Electronista, an anonymous Telstra executive does a bit of PR work for the Telstra Next G third generation (3G) network which he claims will run at 42Mbps in 2009 (now running at 21Mbps). The Telstra exec is then quoted as saying he has “seen the device” (next gen iPhone) and that “by Xmas” it will support a planned (Telstra’s) upgrade to the advanced HSPA+ wireless standard that will run at 42Mbps … as fast as a broadbad connection.  The Electronista article suggests that Telstra will join the iPhone party and offers up a few “sources allege” quotes to support this thesis.  

iPhonAsia is circumspect about this type of story. There are now two confirmed iPhone carrier deals to support the Australian market: Vodafone and Optus (SingTel owned). Is there room for a third? Perhaps … however we are skeptical. The Electronistra piece appropriately points out next gen iPhone’s rumored chipset may not support the Telstra Next G network … “industry sources have so far pointed only to a 7.2Mbps HSDPA chipset from Infineon that would lack support for HSPA+ connections as well as the interim HSPA standard.”

See the Electronistra article >3G iPhone to support 42Mbps on Telstra


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Australian iPhone release info revealed?  Not likely by Apple.

This story began as a post by decryption on MacTalk (forums.mactalk.com.au).  He stands frimly behind this story … see post #180 (image below) Full post > HERE

forums.mactalk.com.au Apple Australia have today announced internally the details of the Australian iPhone release. The phone will be released in the last week of June to coincide with the opening of the Sydney Apple Store. The phone will also be unlocked for use with more than 1 carrier, providing evidence it may be a 3G iPhone we first see here.

iPhonAsia Editorial Comment:

This post on MacTalk forums suggests that Apple has recently revealed to a number of Aussie resellers closely guarded “iPhone in Australia” distribution plans, including:

  • Last week of June release
  • More than 1 carrier
  • No contract lock in
  • Current resellers will be able to sell iPhones


Notwithstanding any NDA that resellers may have signed, this appears to more information than Apple would offer up to a group of Australian resellers some 10 weeks in advance of the suggested “last week in June” launch date in Australia.  Makes for an interesting read, but I have doubts that Apple would spill the beans so early.  Likely just guesswork by decryption or perhaps he was “put on” by a few reseller friends he may never talk to again? … That said … June timeframe is logical for 3G iPhone launch and an official unlocked iPhone in Australia may ultimately prove out to be correct. So it’s good guesswork by the poster (decryption), but doubtful that this info was originally sourced via Apple.

The editor of iPhone is Asia is predicting that forthcoming iPhone launches (in select nations), will follow a dual strategy – a locked-to-carrier and (a premium priced) unlocked iPhone distribution plan.  See post > Apple is open to new business models

More articles on this purported (rumored) Australian iPhone launch strategy here >

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Update: January, 29 2008

Dennis Sellers over at Macsimum News posted an article today on the rumored multi-nation Pacific Rim iPhone launch > SingTel deal could be a big deal for Apple

picture-5.png   10-15-07-iphone1.jpg 

SingTel to bring iPhone to Pacific Rim?

Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) may be using its holdings and control of regional telecom companies to win a contract with Apple and coordinate a multi-nation Apple iPhone launch.  The launch could involve seven different carriers in as many nations and bring iPhone to a subscriber base of 136 million.  Apple conveniently has a major campus in Singapore. 

The Thai Daily, Bangkok Post and Australian IT are reporting that Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) is in talks with Apple on a coordinated iPhone distribution plan throughout the Pacific Rim. SingTel is in a position to aid with logistics and planning.  Australia’s Optus is a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel and the Singapore carrier has significant holdings in telecom companies throughout the region.  SingTel website reports the group’s major telecom investments include:

v    AIS in Thailand (21% owned by SingTel)

v    Optus in Australia (wholly owned by SingTel)

v    Bharti Telecom Group in India

v    Globe Telecom in the Philippines

v    Pacific Bangladesh Telecom (PBTL) in Bangladesh

v    Telkomsel in Indonesia

v    Warid Telecom in Pakistan

In combination, the companies above have more than 136 million mobile customers.  This is the largest mobile customer base in Asia outside of China.  




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joint_optus_logo.gif   singtel_b.jpg

Update: Feb 25, 2008

2008 iPhone unlock in Australia? > HERE ….

Update Feb 5, 2008

Nothing new to report … just a bit more insight via a companion blog business.millionface … see > HERE 

It still looks favorable for Optus notwithstanding lack of 3G.  More on Optus’ planned 3G coverage area > HERE and > HERE.  

It’s likely that Singtel’s telco influence throughout the Pacific Rim is a major reason for Optus’ favorable prospects to win exclusive iPhone distribution rights in Australia.  There may be additional reasons that have more to do with corporate hubris demonstrated by Aussie mobile leader Telstra.  Last Summer Telstra’s COO Greg Winn had a few choice remarks directed at Apple (below).  Um, Greg, they heard you all the way up in Cupertino. 

Telstra COO Greg Winn commenting to AAP:img_intlab_gwinn-1.jpg

“There’s an old saying — stick to your knitting — and Apple is not a mobile phone manufacturer, that’s not their knitting. You can pretty much be assured that Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and ZTE and others will be coming out with devices that have similar functionality.”

January 23, 2008

Melbourne’s The Age newspaper ran an article on Tuesday Jan 22, 2008 reporting that the second largest mobile telco in Australia, Optus (Telestra is the largest) has moved from dark-horse to strong candidate to win an iPhone exclusive in Australia.  Optus is a wholly-owned subsidiary of SingTel, (Singapore Telecommunications). SingTel and AIS (Thailand) are rumored to be negotiating with Apple to coordinate an iPhone launch throughout the Pacific Rim.  

See video here for more on current status of iPhone in Australia.  Note: The editor strongly discourages jailbreaking iPhone. Wait for an official iPhone launch in your country.  The iPhone is not a prisoner to fixed buttons and it is designed to evolve.  Buying an iPhone from an authorized carrier/distributor will allow the owner to easily upgrade as new features are released.  

iPhone in Australia – See Video HERE





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