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In line for an iPhone 3G S in NYC. via EngadgetVodpod videos no longer available.


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qianmen-the-front-gate-of-beijingUpdate 2 – May 31, 2009: Thanks to Silvia Simeonova in Beijing for finding the store location. Apparently the store will indeed be located (as originally rumored) near Qianmen Street – South of 2nd Ring Road in Beijing’s historic central axis – Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City. Over the last several years, the area has been undergone a major (9.2 billion yuan) renovation to restore the area to 1920s era architecture. Major retailers such as Hennes & Mauritz, Starbucks and Apple will all have storefronts in the new (old) Qianmen district. Interesting video interview about Qianmen (2 years ago).

Update May 31, 2009: WeiPhone.com has posted a story today with architectural renderings of a new “yet to be officially announced” Apple Store in Beijing, China. This would be the second major Apple-owned store to be opened in China. The first store, in Sanlitun Village, opened last summer in time for the 2008 Olympic Games. WeiPhone is reporting that the new Beijing store location is “4th street” … or 4th ring?  Readers? Anyone know where this store front (see below) is located? The 4th Street near to Taoranting Park (also near to the original rumored location on Qianmen Street)? Or perhaps somewhere along the 4th Ring in China’s Silicon Valley (4th Ring Road North West)?

If the renderings are to be believed, then the new store will come with Apple’s signature glass spiral staircase. See slide show of new Beijing Apple Store renderings > HERE

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Feb 25, 2009 – Apple’s planned opening of a second store in China is moving forward



via China Daily


Qianmen Region Beijing

Qianmen Region Beijing

“Apple Inc has chosen the historical Qianmen region in Beijing to open its second retail outlet in China, reported Sina.com, citing an anonymous source inside the company. However, the report did not say when Apple Inc would open the store. Although Apple has had a presence in China for many years, the company did not open its own store until July 19 last year when it launched the first one at Sanlitun in Beijing. 

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Apple’s planned second store opening in China is coming soon, citing Apple’s spokeswoman. It said Apple’s unit sales in China surged 49 percent in the third quarter of last year, accounting for about 0.25 percent of the company’s total unit sales in the quarter.”

More on Apple’s 1st store in China at Sanlitun > HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE


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Wal-Mart in China: From 3 stores to 1,000 in 5 Years

chinese_workersWal-Mart China Public Relations Manager Chen Lu acknowledged today that the world’s largest retailer has big plans in China. Wal-Mart currently has 3 stores in China, but that’s just the beginning. Wal-Mart plans to open 1,000 convenience stores under the name of “Hui Xuan” within the next five years, 100 of which will be opened in 2009.

Wal-Mart iPhone kiosk

Wal-Mart iPhone kiosk

It might make sense for Wal-Mart’s Hui Xan to set up mini kiosks to showcase and sell iPhones/iPods. This would follow a similar path to the Apple/Wal-Mart’s US distribution strategy — you can find special Apple iPhone/iPod kiosks in many Wal-Mart stores.

Best Buy and Apple in China partnership

Shanghai Best Buy - Apple store-in-store

Shanghai Best Buy - Apple in-store

Apple has some reseller partners in China, but only one company-owned store in Beijing’s Sanlitun Village. Apple may be looking for more storefronts to showcase and sell iPhone. This storefront expansion has already begun. On April 13, Five Star Appliance, Best Buy’s wholly owned China subsidiary, announced plans to set up “stores-in-store” for Apple products. It’s a fair bet that Apple will offer iPhone for sale at Five Star Appliance stores later this year. Yet it’s likely that Apple will need more storefronts to reach out to a potential 670 million wireless customers in China. A partnership with Wal-Mart China might make good sense.

There were also rumors earlier this year over an Apple distribution plan with Foxconn Group’s (Hon Hai Precision) Cybermart. Those rumors were denied by both Apple and Foxconn.

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Update – April 24, 2009: Interfax TMT has now picked up this story – Shanghai. April 24. INTERFAX-CHINA – Electronics retailer Best Buy Co. Inc. intends to cooperate with China Unicom on introducing Apple’s iPhone to China, the CEO of Best Buy International told Interfax on April 24, despite Apple and China Unicom having yet to reach an agreement on the matter. Read details > HERE

China’s Five Star Appliance signs distribution deal with Apple


4429250px-bestbuysh-711725On February 21, 2009 Best Buy acquired a 100% stake in Five Star Appliance for $185 million USD. Today, the Jiangsu-based Five Star Appliance announced a deal with Apple to become a primary distributor of Apple products in China. Under terms of the deal, the “store-within-a-store” concept will be deployed in 40 top Five Star Appliance retail stores in China.

The first five Apple “stores-within-a-store” will open during the upcoming Labor Day holiday on May 1, 2009. The 2302421169_529ce75a51first locations will be:

  • Nanjing Xinjiekou Store
  • Wuxi Shenglimen Store
  • Suzhou Shilu Store
  • Hangzhou Wensanlu Store
  • Changzhou Guanhelu Store

By the end of September 2009, the 40 Apple stores-wthin-a-store will all be open for business. These stores also plan to set up quasi cyber cafés with Apple Macs providing shoppers with Internet access.

There were rumors earlier this year that Foxconn Group’s Cybermart would distribute Apple products in China. The Cybermart deal has been “officially denied” by Apple and Foxconn (parent of Hon Hai Precision, Apple’s primary manufacturing partner).  

Apple’s worldwide distribution is divided into four groups:

  1. Apple Stores (e.g. owned and operated by Apple – current China locations are in Sanlitun and soon in Qianmen)
  2. Apple Store-in-Store (ala Best Buy and now [soon] via 40 of Best Buy China’s Five Star Appliance stores)
  3. Apple Quality Distributor
  4. Apple Distributor

More on the Five Star Appliance deal with Apple > HERE


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Photo: David Feng Mac-in-China 

Future Beijing Store Location ID’d

February 2nd, 2008

The 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing (China) have taken years of preparation, including the planning and construction of an Apple store to open before the August 8th opening ceremonies. Now the location of the store has been revealed: Qianmen Street.

Full article HERE 


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