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Comprehensive Eye Witness Sighting of MH370

Kate Tee’s account of *possible* sighting of MH370

Saucy Sailoress

Update 1, 21st July: I have updated my report to include some relevant observations, which I initially forgot to include, about the plane’s track, and what I believe is the time window of my observation.  I have included my updates in red.

Below is a more comprehensive account of what I saw the night a glowing orange plane flew past the back of our boat.  It is perhaps the sort of thing I should have thought about carefully, and written and submitted before going public, but then again ‘going public’ wasn’t on my mind at the time, and neither was the scale of the incident..  I was just responding naturally to what was an overwhelming reaction to a simple post I made asking for advice: http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f108/i-think-i-saw-mh370-127132.html

Anyway, here is the more considered version (which I wrote without referencing or reviewing any of my previous statements, although I have added in footnotes to…

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via ThaiWomanTalks … an important post providing context around the recent ‘judicial coup’ and now (May 19) imposition of ‘martial law’ in Thailand

Thai Woman Talks - Language, Society, Politics & Love

Likhit Dhiravegin (right) interviewed by Jomquan Laophetch (left) on Kom Chand Luek TV, 11 April 2014 Likhit Dhiravegin (right) interviewed by Jomquan Laophetch (left) on Kom Chand Luek TV, 11 April 2014

On May 7, 2014, the Constitutional Court ousted caretaker PM Yingluck Shinawatra from office for abusing her power in transferring the former national security chief Thawil Pliensri.

The Court said in its unanimous 9-0 ruling that the transfer was “unconstitutional,” that although Ms. Yingluck had the power to transfer an official the Thawil transfer benefited her family (the new national security chief appointed by Yingluck government is a brother of her brother’s ex-wife – see more details). The Court did not only remove Yingluck from office but also nine other ministers who were members of the Cabinet at the time of the transfer was made.

The Court reasoned that there was no evidence of Thawil being ineffective, and that “transferring government officials must be done in accordance with moral principle… Transferring with a…

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Broken Trail and Siam Bend.

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idannyb.wordpress.com has moved to http://iphonasia.com

Great Firewall blockage in China necessitates this move. Readers in China can now visit our blog without using a VPN connection. Please bookmark http://iphonasia.com/

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idannyb.wordpress.com is moving to http://iPhonAsia.com

Great Firewall blockage in China necessitates this move. Readers in China can now visit our blog without using a VPN connection. Please bookmark http://iphonasia.com/

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It’s August and time for a bit of sightseeing. I’m on a trek through Northern Idaho and Montana. Spent the last two days in Sandpoint, ID along Lake Pend Oreille. I’m now in Big Fork, Montana. Today’s drive from Idaho to Montana was spectacular. Headed north of Pend Oreille to Bonner’s Ferry to Moyie Springs to down to Troy Montana, to Libby to Happy’s Inn to Marion to Kila to Kalispell to Somers to finally to Big Fork Montana. Majestic scenery everywhere along the drive! Wide open lush meadows that seem to go on forever with the mountains and forest as the backdrop. Many lakes, rivers and streams to cool your feet in. I pulled over for a few quick photos and a short video (shot with my iPhone 3GS) at Kootenai Falls between Troy and Libby Montana.

No doubt that life is different up in the mountains. Never been in a grocery store with so many “trophies” mounted on the wall. Hunting’s not my thing. Don’t believe in it, unless you’re going to eat what you kill.


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Update: July 28, 2009 – China Unicom has denied that a deal has been finalized and Apple, per standard modus operandi, declined to comment.

According to China Unicom spokesperson Sophia Tso: “Discussions are still ongoing, we have not reached any formal agreement.” A second China Unicom spokesperson suggested that a deal timeframe exists but talks continue:

“Both sides have their own timeframe for an agreement but essentially it depends on the practical progress of the negotiations.”

July 27, 2009 – File this under rumor … China website Tech.QQ has posted a story today about China Unicom’s plans to bring iPhone to China. The report quotes anonymous “informed sources” who claim that Apple and China Unicom have finalized their deal to officially launch iPhone in China. The report does not mention when China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) might grant Apple’s iPhone the required Network Access License (NAL). However, the Tech.QQ source states that iPhone will be launched by the end of September 2009.

Key takeaways from the Tech.QQ report:

  • iphone-china-unicom-111-150x150The Apple and China Unicom deal will be a 3-year exclusive.*
  • The iPhone will be customized for the China market (e.g. Chinese language and preloaded with “for China” apps).
  • China Unicom will pay Apple 3,000 CNY ($439 USD) per unit.
  • China Unicom will subsidize iPhone by pricing the iPhone below the 3,000 CNY paid to Apple. This would take the official iPhone price below the grey-market price for smuggled iPhones.
  • China Unicom has promised to sell a minimum 1 million units per year with significantly higher sales targets.
  • Picture 3The iPhone for China will make use of Apple’s China App Store.

There is no mention of the terms of exclusivity, such as whether this will be for all iPhones or 3G models only? (leaving the door open for an unlocked 2G model in 2010/11 for all carriers).

Thanks to Kane Gao for the heads up.

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