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singtel_logo3609103536_3e314978d8iPhone 3GS officially launched in Singapore last night! There was a special launch event at SingTel Comcentre. The photo below shows only a small portion of the crowd on hand. For a better appreciation of number in line for iPhone, have a look at the video. It was shot on a new iPhone 3GS by Satya, who was 10th in line. Thanks to Apple 2.0 for finding the video

Apple 2.0 and CNET Asia have good articles on the iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore. Photos are courtesy of Damian Koh, CNET Asia. Read post > HERE along with full gallery of launch event photos

crowd queuing for the July 10 iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore

crowd queuing for the July 10 iPhone 3GS launch in Singapore

1st in line was Jackson Low (pictured below).


Jackson Low 1st in line


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iPhonAsia comment: There’s always a catch … according to StarHub’s website, the ‘Home Zone’ service and device is at present limited to the first 200 customers.

pixiphone3gStarHub also recommends 3G phones for use on its new Home Zone service … Look who’s on the top of their list (w a bit of help from the alphabet) Apple iPhone 3G. Funny that StarHub doesn’t even offer iPhone 3G to it’s subscribers … or do will they? Yet StarHub does sell all of the other “recommend phones” via their website … Hmmm? See > HERE

Read more about femtocells on iPhonAsia > HERE and HERE 

Recommended 3G Handsets

The following 3G handsets are recommended for use with the ‘Home Zone’ service –

  • Apple – iPhone 3G
  • HTC – Diamond, Touch, Touch Diamond, Touch Pro
  • LG – KF700, KS20, KT520, KT610, KU800, KU990, Secret
  • Motorola – K3, Pazr2 V9, V6
  • MWG – Atom V
  • Nokia – 3120, 6110, 6120, 6500C, 6600S, 6680, 8800, E51, E61, E65, E71, N73, N80, N81, N82, N95
  • Samsung – F330, G810, i550, i600, i780, i900, InnovZ8, SGH-F500, SGH-P960, SGH-I450, U700, U900, Z720
  • Sony Ericsson – C702, C902, G900, K600i, K660, K810i, K850i, T650i, W660, W760, W910, W980

StarHub Launches the World’s First Commercial 3G Femtocell Service

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picture-11Singapore’s Starhub has launched the world’s first commercially-available 3G femtocell service. StarHub is making all local outgoing voice, video calls and SMS free for customers using the ‘Home Zone’ service, ensuring that users, who make frequent mobile calls and SMS from home, can enjoy significant cost-savings on their mobile phone bills.

800px-starhubsvg3G femtocell is a portable cellular access device that connects a user’s 3G mobile phone directly to an internet-enabled router in the home so that users can make voice and video calls and send SMS over StarHub’s cable network from their mobile phones.

“As the operator that frequently delivers new innovations to the Singapore market, we see tremendous potential in the ‘Home Zone’ service which uses the 3G femtocell technology. While services such as Voice-over-IP (VoIP) have been available for some years, these are restricted to VoIP-enabled mobile phones. The beauty of the 3G femtocell technology is that all 3G-enabled phones are supported and customers do not need to purchase special handsets to take advantage of it,” said Mr Anil Nihalani, Head of Mobile and Communications, StarHub.

As an added bonus, besides his/her own mobile number, the subscriber can nominate up to three other StarHub mobile numbers to a white-list that will be recognised by the ‘Home Zone’ service. This means that up to four StarHub 3G mobile users can call out simultaneously over a single ‘Home Zone’ connection, each of the callers being able to enjoy the same benefits.

Mr Nihalani said, “The ‘Home Zone’ service demonstrates the true benefits of hubbing with StarHub. By extending the ability to use the ‘Home Zone’ service to immediate family members, hubbing families who are our 3G mobile and MaxOnline customers, will be able to get more out of it with better cost-savings and convenience.”

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Update: 12/01/2008 – StarHub launches femtocell service … recommends iPhone 3G

Update:11/05/2008 – StarHub delays iPhone sale

By Chua Hian Hou  

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picture-13 STARHUB, which had earlier said that it will have the Apple iPhone 3G in stores by end of the year, will not be bringing it in after all.

In a results briefing on Wednesday, StarHub chief executive Terry Clontz said that Singapore’s second largest mobile operator will not be able to bring the gadget in this year.

But the telco is continuing ‘dialogue with Apple’, he said adding, ‘At this particular point in time we cannot be specific when we will have it in our stores… they (Apple) have their priorities signing on distributors.’

This leaves SingTel as the sole iPhone distributor here for now. MobileOne had previously said it was in discussions with Apple, but did not commit to a date.

Read full article > HERE

Update: 07/25/08 MobileOne to Sell IPhone in its Shops by End of Year (Update1) 

By Tan Wei Xin

July 25 (Bloomberg) — MobileOne Ltd., Singapore’s smallest mobile-phone operator, will offer Apple Inc.’s iPhone in its retail outlets by the end of this year.

“I think, before the end of the year we will be” carrying the phones in our stores, Chief Executive Officer Neil Montefiore said today in a Bloomberg Television interview. “It will become available in all markets, with all operators.”

MobileOne’s shares rose 2.1 percent to close at S$1.96, the highest in more than a month. Its stock price has risen 3.2 percent so far this year, against a 16 percent drop in the broader benchmark Straits Times Index.  Full Bloomberg article > HERE





SingTel will clearly be the lead carrier for Apple in Singapore. Yet it is also apparent that Apple is moving away from exclusivity in their new carrier deals. iPhonAsia has received multiple (unconfirmed) reports of additional Singapore carrier deals that might be in the works. These reports from Singapore claim that StarHub and M1 remain in discussions with Apple on iPhone distribution deals.


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The iPhone 3G has landed in Singapore … sort of

Local die-hard fans are getting the touch-screen phone from Hong Kong By Grace Chng The Apple iPhone 3G is already here in Singapore.Some must-have users bought it in Hong Kong, where it was launched on July 11. Its official debut in Singapore is expected to be before the end of September.  

Those in Hong Kong, Japan, Australia and New Zealand were the first in the Asia-Pacific market to buy the new-generation iPhone 3G. Singapore could be in the next wave.

Loyal iPhone fans have either gone to Hong Kong or asked friends going there to buy the phone for them.

In Hong Kong, the highly anticipated touch-screen device will cost Singaporeans about $1,600. This is the no-contract price.

Hong Kong buyers who sign up for the cheapest monthly plan of HK$188 (S$33) pay HK$2,938 for the handset. Key reasons for the much coveted gizmo’s high price are its limited stocks and Hong Kong retailers wanting to attach a premium to it.

Die-hard fan Paddy Tan, 33, who went to Hong Kong to buy the phone, had fretted that it would not work here. But he made a successful call after he inserted his M1 SIM card in it.

This is because there is no need to ‘hack’ this new version, unlike the first-generation iPhone which was configured for exclusive deals with telcos like AT&T in the United States.

But consumers should be aware that the iPhone 3G sold in other countries like Japan may be ‘locked’ and will not work with Singapore SIM cards.

There are an estimated 60,000 users of the first-generation iPhone here.

Since SingTel opened its priority list for people wanting to buy the iPhone 3G, tens of thousands have signed up.

The phone’s sleek and slender design, plus its ease of use, makes it a must-have for fans. It also has a large screen.

Since the first version’s initial appearance in June last year, over six million have been sold globally. Mr Tan, a software developer, had planned to buy 50 units of the iPhone 3G for friends and relatives. But the price put him off and he bought only two for himself.

Full article > HERE


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Singtel: 30,000 pre-orders for iPhone launch in Singapore


On June 30, 2008, jnaina shared information received in a meeting with some people from Singtel regarding the excitement for the upcoming iPhone launch in October.  30,000 confirmed iPhone 3G orders (pre-launch)
Read full post via Appleot.org > HERE



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