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att_logo-2Update: via MacRumors 02/09/2009 … Excerpt: MobileCrunch discovered several image files in the new update package that appear to signal the iPhone’s compatibility with AT&T’s upcoming 3G MicroCell technology. 

AT&T is apparently in the final stages of preparing a launch of a femtocell device/service – AT&T 3G Microcell. Apple at one time showed some interest in Fon and their “free WiFi” femtocell device …

Femtocells are “in home” (or office) cellular base stations that are connected to the Internet and send out “pumped up” wireless signals (encrypted, or public or both).  While using femtocells to boost cellular is not new, many carriers are looking at femtocells as a way to expand Wi-Fi and 3G coverage. Femotcells will have a range of about 5,000 feet and offer key advantages to both wireless users and carriers. Routing calls/data through a femtocell vs celltower is much less expensive for the carrier and results in a stronger signal, clearer call and faster data transmission (no network crowding). att-3g-microcell-setup

More details via Engadget Excerpt: “the unit comes from Cisco (versus Samsung for Sprint and Verizon), and like its competitors, the MicroCell will require a broadband connection to operate. It’ll cover up to 5,000 square feet, allow up to four simultaneous voice or data connections (locked down so that your neighbors can’t pilfer the signal), and most interestingly, will only work with 3G phones. … (femtocells) cells offered by Sprint and Samsung only offer 2G coverage, so AT&T’s arguably got an advantage here.” 

For more background see iPhonAsia posts …

> Femtocells – Connect the Dots

> AT&T planning in-home mini cell tower

1-25-09-verizon-network-extNote: Verizon has just launched their own femtocell called the Network Extender. More > HERE

According to a report via The Boy Genius Report AT&T is staging the launch of femtocell service – AT&T 3G Microcell. See > HERE

BGR Excerpt: Trials supposedly were underway months ago, but it looks like the launch could be literally around the corner. One of our faithful AT&T ninjas sent us in a screenshot that shows an AT&T 3G Microcell femtocell option in addition to AT&T’s broadband and TV service, U-Verse. We don’t have a date on this yet — we’ll continue to dig — but appearing publicly on employee’s screens is always a good sign! Read full Boy Genius Report > HERE





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Update – January 25, 2008: According to a report via The Boy Genius Report ATT is staging the launch of femtocell service – ATT 3G Microcell. See > HERE

Excerpt: Trials supposedly were underway months ago, but it looks like the launch could be literally around the corner. One of our faithful AT&T ninjas sent us in a screenshot that shows an AT&T 3G Microcell femtocell option in addition to AT&T’s broadband and TV service, U-Verse. We don’t have a date on this yet — we’ll continue to dig — but appearing publicly on employee’s screens is always a good sign! Read full Boy Genius Report > HERE

AT&T planning femtocell trial later this year

by Darren Murph, posted Nov 1st 200

Say it ain’t so! We can only imagine that there are quite a few folks out there who will be absolutely elated to hear this news, so we’ll get right to it: a femtocell is (likely) coming to AT&T. Nah, we haven’t spied any in the wild shots of a rumored box or anything, but a carrier spokeswoman admitted to Unstrung that “as the nation’s leading provider of both wireless and broadband, it makes sense that we would examine the potential benefits of femtocells for our customers.” Better still, she continued by affirming that it was “currently doing testing in its labs and a trial [was] planned for later this year.” Aside from that, we’ve no real details to pore over, but all we really needed to know has been said. Sprint and Verizon won’t be the only providers offering up an in-home mini cell tower, and we’d say this can’t possibly come soon enough for AT&Ters sitting squarely in a fringe coverage area.

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A new AT&T memo to retail employees: Please do not take any vacations between June 15 and July 15. We’re gonna need you on the floor for “an exciting Summer Promotional Launch”

..Hmmm? Well now, isn’t that interesting? 




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.Rumor: AT&T to cut price of Apple’s new iPhone


Writing for Fortune’s Techland, Scott Mortiz reports that AT&T is preparing to subsidize $200 of the cost of a new iPhone, bringing the price down to $199 for customers who sign two-year contracts.  Moritz’s sources say that Apple is expected to have two versions of the new iPhone, an 8-gigabyte-memory and a 16-gigabyte-memory model with price tags widely expected to be $399 and $499. See Moritz’s article > HERE


iPhonAsia Editoral Comment:

Several predictions in Scott Mortiz’s article may well prove to be true. Apple is not married to any one business model for iPhone and this was clearly reinforced by Apple’s COO Tim Cook on February 27 > See HERE

If true, this pricing strategy should make iPhone more obtainable for many millions of consumers. See TechStock2000’s excellent article on topic > HERE See also via > Appleot.org

It will not just be new model iPhone buyers who will get a deal.  I would expect that AT&T and Apple will offer a generous upgrade plan to current iPhone owners who want to move to the new 3G model.

The new pricing and rate plans will likely be announced with the unveiling of the next gen (3G) iPhone.  Best guess for show time is Apple’s WWDC in early June.

For fans of Apple (AAPL) and iPhone, this is a time to get excited!  Apple’s apparent (still just speculation) willingness to adjust their pricing strategies bodes well for a deal to be consummated with one of China’s large 3G wireless carriers – China Mobile or (post restructuring) the newly constituted China Telecom.  It also offers more flexibility in new Apple iPhone carrier deals throughout Asia and Europe.  Now toss in the fact that the lower consumer price point (subsidized by carriers for new “on contract” iPhone buyers ) will put iPhone into the hands of many millions more, who in turn will be shopping at the soon to be launched Apple iPhone App Store.  The App Store is a new source of revenue for Apple and also for creative iPhone developers. This is a – win, win, win, win … for Apple (AAPL), for soon to be iPhone owners, for developers, and for carriers. 

NOTE: MacDailyNews has weighed in on the Fortune/Moritz story and added more about the notion of Apple offering an unlocked iPhone. MacDailyNews has also included their own caveat and I think it’s an appropriate and important add (in bold below) >

MacDailyNews Take: Nobody outside of Apple and AT&T (and their lawyers) know for sure what their U.S. iPhone agreement stipulates. Imagine if it only really covered the first year and/or the first-generation iPhone (multi-year deal, but for the original iPhone only). Then, with the debut of the next-gen iPhone, it would make perfect sense for AT&T to want to begin subsidizing it. But, what would preclude others (Verizon, etc.) from doing the same (or better) subsidies?

See also the MacDailyNews report > HERE






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Update: May 7, 2008 – AT&T officially promises free WiFi access


AT&T upgrades 3G network and takes over Starbucks Wi-Fi

   starbucksatt.jpg  3g-thumb.jpg

Author: Steve Stroh

EXCERPT: AT&T is deploying “3G” wireless HSxPA (High Speed Packet Access)….by EOY 2008, AT&T will have HSxPA capability in 350 US cities, including the “top” 100 US cities.  And, as a final nod to the inanity of AT&T wireless customers not being able to (without paying a usage fee) use their iPhones, in Wi-Fi mode, at AT&T Wi-Fi HotSpots, comes this terse teaser: “AT&T will soon extend the benefits of Wi-Fi at Starbucks to its wireless customers.”

If this plays out the least bit logically, the real winners of these two announcements will be users of the “Version 2” iPhone, expected to debut sometime this year, that will be able to use the AT&T “3G” / HSxPA network and then “roam into” Starbucks for an even “higher bandwidth fix” for downloading big media files onto their iPhone along with their caffeine jolt, all for no additional charge and a seamless experience.

ipod.jpg   starbucks.jpg


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 attnewlogo.jpg  3g-thumb.jpg   10-15-07-iphone1.jpg

AT&T plans major 3G expansion ahead of second-gen iPhone

By Katie Marsal

Excerpt: AT&T said Wednesday it plans a major expansion of its wireless network during the 2008 calendar year, including the deployment of third-generation (3G) wireless broadband service to more than 80 additional cities in the United States through the course of the year. 

Full article at AppleInsider > HERE


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CNBC’s Jim Goldman has written an article casting doubt on reports of a slowing in iPhone sales.  Goldman points out that Apple recently (two days ago) reported that they are selling iPhones at a pace of 20,000 per day.  This would track to a quarterly run-rate of 1.8 million iPhones.  As Goldman puts it – “I find it hard to believe that sales would so suddenly fall off a cliff on a product that only seems to be gaining momentum.”  Goldman adds that AT&T announced today a record increase in net wireless customers thanks largely to its partnership with Apple on iPhone.

ArsTechnia and Appleinsider have weighed in on the iPhone “component orders slowing” story. AppleInsider theorizes that Apple is simply executing its typical strategy of getting components from more than one supplier. Moreover, they speculate that the report via a Chinese newspaper could very well have been made to spite Apple in light of the (purported) breakdown in iPhone talks with China Mobile over revenue sharing. 

As readers here know well, the editor of this blog believes there will be further Apple negotiations with China carriers including China Mobile.

iPhone Sales Slowdown? I Really Don’t Think So


Posted By: Jim Goldman

Full article HERE

EXCERPT: I’m skeptical, to say the least, of a report originally in the Chinese language Economic Daily News, and now re-printed by Digitimes detailing an iPhone shipment slowdown by Apple.

The story, quoting Apple’s handset suppliers in Taiwan, says Apple has lowered its projected shipments of iPhones from 2 million units to around 1 million or 1.2 million for its fiscal second quarter ending march 2008. Sources go on to tell EDN that lower than expected sales in Europe pushed Apple to slash shipment projections.


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