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Comprehensive Eye Witness Sighting of MH370

Kate Tee’s account of *possible* sighting of MH370

Saucy Sailoress

Update 1, 21st July: I have updated my report to include some relevant observations, which I initially forgot to include, about the plane’s track, and what I believe is the time window of my observation.  I have included my updates in red.

Below is a more comprehensive account of what I saw the night a glowing orange plane flew past the back of our boat.  It is perhaps the sort of thing I should have thought about carefully, and written and submitted before going public, but then again ‘going public’ wasn’t on my mind at the time, and neither was the scale of the incident..  I was just responding naturally to what was an overwhelming reaction to a simple post I made asking for advice: http://www.cruisersforum.com/forums/f108/i-think-i-saw-mh370-127132.html

Anyway, here is the more considered version (which I wrote without referencing or reviewing any of my previous statements, although I have added in footnotes to…

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