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picture-114Update – April 27, 2009: Rumor – Verizon in talks to get iTablet device? Read report and watch video > HERE

Note: This report and video is interesting, but treat with skepticism. Apple is highly unlikely to develop a CDMA (EVDO) iPhone, and they’ve said as much. Apple may however be chatting with Verizon about an iPhone in 2011 on the new (on the drawing board) 4G LTE network. It’s also possible that Apple would talk with Verizon about new Macs and/or a new iTablet with WWLAN support for mobile networks. Verizon might well subsidize any Apple device that requires an on contract subscription.

Sascha Sagen has some interesting thoughts on a possibly orchestrated Verizon whispering campaign designed to draw attention away from the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre. Read > HERE  

Cook and Jobs

Cook and Jobs

About that Apple netbook … Think tablet

April 22, 2009 – During today’s Apple (AAPL) Q2 earnings conference call, an analysts asked if Apple was considering entering the netbook space. Apple COO (and acting CEO) Tim Cook, all but dismissed that idea, suggesting that most netbook offerings today do not deliver a very good consumer experience. Then Tim Cook said something more interesting …

“…we do look at the space and are interested to see how customers respond to it. People who want a small computer, so to speak, that does browsing and email might want to buy an iPod touch or they might want to buy an iPhone. And so we have other products to accomplish what people are buying a netbook for. So in that particular way we “play” on an indirect basis. And then of course if we find a way where we can deliver an innovative product that really makes a contribution, then we’ll do that. We have some interesting ideas in this space. The product pipeline is fantastic for the Mac.”

Dan Frommer and Henry Blodget talk about an Apple iTablet device. Watch video > HERE

More video on the rumored Apple iTablet (iPod Touch HD) > HERE

tablet concept - courtesy desinformado

tablet concept - courtesy desinformado



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picture-56iPhonAsia comment: China Mobile is planning to launch a trial TD-SCDMA mobile (swipe) payment service in Shanghai within weeks. Participating merchants include Starbucks, McDonalds, and Shanghai Shentong Metro. Will China Unicom counter with their own mobile payments service on the soon to be unveiled “for China” iPhone 3G? iPhonAsia has speculated in several recent posts about Apple’s plans to launch “wave-to-pay” in concert with China Unicom and their new WCDMA 3G network. See prior iPhonAsia posts:

Read more via Lisa Tang’s blog Asia – Europe Business

China Mobile to Trial SIM-Swipe Payment, Internet Fee

6a00d83451b9ee69e200e5500d5d148834-150wi1Lisa Tang Asia – Europe Business

April 27, 2009 EXCERPT: China Mobile plans to recruit trial users for its “mobile payment service” in Shanghai in late April or early May and begin large-scale promotions for the service this year, reports on April 22. The company hopes to enter 1,000 Shanghai stores including those operated by McDonald’s, Starbucks and Shanghai Shentong Metro in 2009. Read full post via Asia – Europe Business

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This is not related to iPhone. Although it would be interesting to add a location-based app for wingsuit daredevil flyers 🙂 I’ve done some cliff diving in my day, but this takes adrenalin sports to a whole new level. The coolest video I’ve seen in a long time.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Wingsuit flying in Norway“, posted with vodpod

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promo_billion_apps_thankyou_image20090418iPhonAsia comment: Here (below) is an excerpt from Om Malik’s post re location-based services (LBS) on iPhone. Look for many forthcoming applications that use geo-location data to enhance services, e-commerce and gaming. With iPhone’s vibrant screen and built-in GPS, the value and growth of LBS is virtually unlimited. It also appears that Apple is getting set to include some LBS functionality in the Snow Leopard OS release. More > HERE

Here are a few examples of location-based services:

  • Location-based games (multi-player)
  • Finding the nearest ATM machine
  • Finding the location of a friend or employee
  • Parcel tracking
  • Vehicle tracking 
  • Instant coupons or advertising directed at customers based on their current location 
  • Personalized weather services

Be sure to click the link below and read Malik’s full article along with accompanying charts.

iPhone is Boosting Demand For Location-Based Services

Om Malik | Monday, April 27, 2009

Nearly two years ago, I outlined five reasons Apple’s iPhone will change the wireless business, the foremost being increased web usage on mobile phones. I should have added another item to that list: catalysing location-based services and applications that use geolocation data to enhance their functionality. One company that’s benefiting from this trend is Boston-based Skyhook Wireless. The 6-year-old company got a big boost when Apple decided to include its core technology in the iPhone platform. Read full article via > Gigaom 

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iPhonAsia offered a rebuttal comment today on a 4/27/09 post in China Tech News which stated that there will be no iPhone in China in 2009. iPhonAsia believes that this is a false and misleading post by China Tech News.

My request to other sites and blogs … please don’t feed FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) to the bears. Market bears will use false rumors to push down stock prices. Since the original Trading Markets and China Tech News posts, no less than five other sites (the Inquirer, iPhone Help, Daily IT News, Kumarin Tech World, Wireless Federation) and counting, have picked up and regurgitated the original FUD post by China Tech News without doing any fact-checking. Note: iPhoneHelp has now corrected their post. Thank you to Annkur P Agarwal

Here is our reply to China Tech News …

“Apple’s iPhone Will Not Be Available In China This Year”

  1. By Dan Butterfield – April 27th, 2009 at 12:37 pm 
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. In your report you state “Apple said while publishing its latest financial report that it hopes the iPhone products could enter the Chinese market in 2010, which most likely means the iPhone will not be officially available in China this year.”        

    Where specifically did Apple state that they hope the iPhone could enter the Chinese market in 2010? I don’t believe anyone from Apple ever wrote or stated anything about 2010. I believe your report is inaccurate and misleading.

    I’ve just read through the entire March 28, 2009 Apple 10Q and there is no mention of any delay for iPhone in China until 2010. Moreover, iPhone in China is not mentioned in the most recent Apple Q2 2009 10Q report. You can find it here > https://www.apple.com/investor/

    Perhaps your story is based on a very poorly researched report by Ynet.com and Trading Markets in the US who repeated a bad miss-translation of the recent Apple Q2 2009 earnings conference call? The Ynet.com report translated a quote from Apple COO Tim Cook about iPhone in China as follows … “Although the Chinese market, we have not yet entered, but we hope to be able to enter the market next year, and we do in the efforts to this end.”

    This was NOT an accurate quote. The true (correct) quote was as follows: 

    Tim Cook: “We now have the four “BIRC” countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China, we have three of those up (not yet PRC) and we have 8,000 storefronts in those three selling the iPhone, so we feel very good about that and we’re putting a lot of energy in growing those. China we are not in yet. We would like to be in China within the next year (i.e. anytime within the next 12 months) and we’re clearly working on that. But I’ve got nothing specific to announce today on it (iPhone deals in China).”

    I hope you will site your source or correct the record.

    Dan Butterfield
    Editor, iPhonAsia

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