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EXCERPT: The so-called “iPhone 3.0” reportedly will be launched by mid-2009, the sources claimed. Assembly suppliers will kick off shipments for the upcoming model starting from May, with the first batch estimated to be around five million units, the sources said.



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iphone-china-unicom-11Trading Markets, with a poor track-record for fact-checking (IMO), is out with a report today stating that Apple and China Unicom have now “clinched cooperation” on an iPhone deal (no surprise to iPhonAsia readers). According to the report sources, the deal will be announced on World Telecom Day – May 17th, the same day China Unicom will begin a trial launch of their new WCDMA 3G network in 55 cities.

picture-15The real news in the TM report is a rumored partnership between Apple and Baidu.com. No details were available on the Baidu “cooperation arrangement,” yet a wireless search deal is a logical guess. The sources for the report said both partnership announcements will be made on May 17.

iPhonAsia comment: May 17 is a possible date for announcements, but we would not be surprised if things are kept under wraps until June 8 (WWDC 2009 Keynote) … a good day and forum to unveil new iPhone hardware and China deals. iPhonAsia does not believe we will have any iPhone launch in China until mid to late summer. The important caveat is the prerequisite MIIT approval of new iPhone models.

If the Apple/Baidu partnership rumor is true, this further supports the thesis iPhonAsia has put forth in prior posts. Namely that several China wireless services would be favored for any official iPhone in China. For example, we believe that Youku will come pre-loaded on an iPhone for China and Youtube will not. 

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Extend Logic announced today an ambitious program to train a large group of iPhone developers to meet the demand for new “for China” apps and games. Here (below) is a short excerpt from the press release > Full PR

See also Extend Logic and Loc Labs’ involvement in localizing and internationalizing iPhone.


ExtendLogic announced today that its delivery center based in Xi’an of China has teamed up with training organization, Xi’an Sotraining Software Technology Training Centre to produce massive iPhone developers in China’s 3G R&D center.

As a global leading IT outsourcing company especially focusing on Smartphone solutions, ExtendLogic has built up a strong iPhone team in its delivery center in Xi’an. But the requirements of iPhone projects from U.S. are dramatically increasing and China market of iPhone application development & localization is emerging as it is reportedly that iPhone will be introduced into China Market in this May* by cooperating with China Unicom, so more skilled iPhone developers are required to meet the big market demands.   

iPhonAsia comment: *Guesswork: iPhonAsia believes the iPhone deal with China Unicom will be announced either May 17 (World Telecom Day + day China Unicom will begin a trial launch of their new WCDMA 3G network in 55 cities) or June 9 (WWDC 2009 Keynote) and will launch mid to late summer. The important caveat is the necessary MIIT approval of the new iPhone models.


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2 notable developments in Japan

Reposted courtesy of Boxerconan on AAPL Sanity 


Mac on Campus

Apple Japan is going to invite colleges that are considering switching to Mac and have an event called “Mac on Campus” on April 28. アップル – Event – Mac on Campus It will be an all day event with presentations and hands on seminars.

image_53603Apple looking for premium resellers

Apple Japan is seeking candidates to run “Premium Resellers.” アップルジャパン株式会社の独立開業プラン|商材&事業支援 – アントレnet Now Apple wants to promote its products via smaller Apple independent stores nationwide.  I think they can do it because they are confident that the demand is growing.


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