One out of every three dollars spent on computers in U.S. retail is for a Macintosh

Apple Retail Hits 17.5% Of U.S Market Share

One out of every three dollars spent on computers in U.S. retail is for a Macintosh computer, according to COO Tim Cook, who outlined the “State of the Mac” during today’s briefing to introduce new laptops models. “What a difference a few years make,” he said. Apple’s share of the U.S. retail market is now at 17.5 percent, Cook told the audience, while the company’s revenue share is now 31.3 percent. He explained the latter figure by saying that Apple sells full-featured systems and, “We don’t compromise on quality.” Cook explained why the Mac market share is increasing substantially, despite low growth of computer sales in the industry itself– Apple offers better computers and software, provides compatibility, has gained from the un-success of Vista, and has great marketing. The last factor was Apple’s retail stores, saying they greet 400,000 visitors a day. “And most importantly,” he added, “still, 50 percent of the Macintoshes they sell are to people who are new to the Mac.” He showed photos the new George Street (Sydney) andSanlitun (Beijing) stores that opened this summer, and said, “Both of these stores have gotten off to a great start.” Apple reports its full fourth-quarter financial results next Tuesday.

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