China Mobile Plans To Build TD-LTE Model Networks In 2010


iPhonAsia Comment: If China Mobile is the fast-tracking development of the super fast 4th generation (4G) TD-LTE (Time Division Long Term Evolution) network with the support of China Ministries (and we believe they are), then TD-SCDMA may have a relatively short shelf life in China.  

Apple likely has a TD iPhone 3G deal in process with China Mobile … yet this may be a non-exclusive deal and particularly so if TD-LTE is China’s future.  Apple was recently rumored to be developing a CMDA capable 3G iPhone (“Apple actively seeking EVDO and CMDA engineers”) that will work on China Telecom’s to be developed CDMA2000 3G network and the current model iPhone 3G will already be compatible with China Unicom’s W-CDMA 3G network … just as soon as this network is available.  For the time being, the current iPhone 3G will work just fine in China … backward compatible with EDGE 2.5 G … with excellent reception in all major urban zones in China.

Moreover, we only recently learned about the offical “unlocked” iPhone 3G availability in Hong Kong. This will undercut the current blackmarket for iPhones in China and assure that a steady supply will swim across the straits to the Mainland.

More on TD-LTE via Computerworld HK > HERE

China Mobile Plans To Build TD-LTE (Time Division Long Term Evolution) Model Networks In 2010

According to Zhou Jianming, general manager for China Mobile’s (CHL) Technology Department, the company has been jointly implementing tests with relevant operators to set up TD-SCDMA long term evolution model networks in 2010.

Zhou says that China Mobile hopes to expand the cooperation range with industry stakeholders while investing in research and industrialization to jointly perfect the industry chain. The company will develop equipment norms for TD-LTE products to ensure the full use of TD-SCDMA resources and resolve the problems that are related to the application of TD-LTE.

Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the National Development and Reform Commission, TD-LTE has become a major focus of the future development of broadband mobile communications. Referring to the detailed development strategy in the TD-SCDMA sector in the future, Zhou says that China Mobile will first increase its investment and develop more unique services and then actively extend it to its customer group.

He adds that it is important to enhance interactions with operators and manufacturers to effectively shorten the period from the research of new technologies to the application of these technologies around China.

http://www.sina.com.cn  2008年04月17日 17:19  新浪科技





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