Apple Store opens in Beijing

Apple Store opens in Beijing’s Sanlitun District

China introduced to the Apple Store experience > HERE

MacWorld EXCERPT: Apple allowed a sneak peek at its flagship store in Beijing on Thursday, along with a glimpse of its China strategy.

The two-level store store will open July 19 in Beijing’s Sanlitun entertainment district at 10 a.m., Apple’s first in China and its 219th worldwide.

“This is the first of many stores we will open in China,” said Ron Johnson, Apple’s senior vice president of retail, in remarks at the store. He later added that Apple will open stores “in Beijing, in Shanghai and beyond,” and confirmed that another store will open in Beijing’s Qianmen area, a shopping street south of Tiananmen Square that has been renovated ahead of the Olympic Games, which begin next month. Qianmen was thought to be the location for Beijing’s Apple Store when it was first reported.

Read the full Macworld article > HERE

Apple will open its first Chinese retail store on Saturday in Beijing.

Sina.com reporter at Sanlitun Apple Store.  See full video > HERE

More photos > HERE

Ron Johnson, SR. the vice president of Apple inc., said, “You can come here to try everything, every computer connects to the internet.”

Apple said the store has 65 salesclerks who have undergone special training. And they’re ready to offer consumers personalized instruction on everything from getting started with a Mac to making a digital movie. In addition to the Beijing retail store, Apple is planning to further expand its business in the Chinese market. Ron said, “We just started, the store is a chance…next year we will open the Qianmen store…”

Nearly 350 million people have visited Apple retail stores since they opened in May 2001. The company currently operates 219 retail stores in seven countries, including China.

In photo below, John Ford Apple’s Sanlitun Store Manager meets with the press 



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