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RUMOR: New Apple Device to Outshine iPhone?

Gary Krakow & Brittany Umar interview on Apple’s purported development of a new touch-screen device with more sophisticated technologies than the iPhone.

WARNING: TheStreet.com video site has a mind of its own. Links will jump to the incorrect video.  To ensure your are watching the correct video … make sure you see the beginning image below. You may need to type in search terms in the Street.com search window – Type in Gary Krakow and Apple and this should allow you to find the correct video. While the correct link was saved here, many were diverted to an HTC video or an earlier Gary Krakow interview with Scott Moritz. You want the Krakow interview with Brittany Umar. Again look for the image (smaller photo of Krakow showing the Newton) just below. A cute TheStreet.com trick.

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Is Apple’s New Device to Outshine the iPhone? We’ll See
Rumors say Apple is developing a new touch device with more sophisticated technologies than the iPhone, 
Sun 02/24/08 04:39 AM EST — Gary Krakow


LoopRumors: New Apple touch device mid-year?

Mac Air Tablet Mockup From Isamu Sanada

February 20th, 2008 | 09:51am CST | Posted by drawbob

LoopRumors has learned through reliable sources that Apple is developing a new touch device with more sophisticated technologies than the iPhone. The new device, said to arrive by mid-2008 will use Multi-Touch 2.0 and incorporate a more robust processor, capable of more taxing tasks such as iChat video conferencing via Wi-Fi. While a specific processor was not mentioned, it’s possible that Intel’s new Montevina chip would be a candidate for the forthcoming device, or Apple would opt for the same custom processor Intel developed for the MacBook Air.

With such power, Apple could place a Jetson-like teleconferencing system in users’ hands around the globe. Specs on the new touch screen simply indicate that it will be longer than today’s iPhone and iPod touch, with no specific dimensions mentioned. The new device, said to be a computer/phone hybrid in a larger casing than today’s iPhone and iPod touch, could use bandwidth hungry applications such as iChat over a 3G network — which raises the question will this be Apple’s answer to a 3G phone with longer battery life? Steve Jobs said that 3G chipsets drain battery life and therefor didn’t incorporate it into the iPhone. This new mini-computer would benefit from 3rd party developers already working with the software developer kit (SDK) due to arrive this month, possibly at a rumored secret event.






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Impact of unlocked iPhones in China

CNBC video discussion of iPhone unlocking in China. Nicholas Thompson, Wired Magazine; Gene Munster, Piper Jaffray; and CNBC’s Melissa Lee.

See video interview > HERE






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