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Adobe Pitches New Flash Streaming Platform as iPhone Killer for Mobile Operators

EXCERPT: February 12, 2008 – Adobe Systems intends to help content and network operator companies fend off a mass customer grab by Apple and other interlopers with a new streaming platform and brandable Flash player launched this week.

Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a new client/server streaming media delivery platform with a new mobile profile built to Adobe’s server backend is designed to enable personalize-able user interfaces (UIs) that can be branded by operators and delivered over the air to subscriber phones.

Full article > HERE

Abode Flash coming to iPhone?

Sounds like it’s all but a done deal.  More > HERE





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Update: February 12, 2008

Businessweek’s Peter Burrows has published a companion article – iPhone’s Reluctant Gray Marketer.  This article outlines the Czech startup Bladox and their role in iPhone unlocking. See full article HERE

Inside the iPhone Gray Market

A global network is thriving by selling up to 1 million iPhones that bypass Apple’s restrictions

by Peter Burrows

EXCERPT: Encamped along the aisles of the massive Zhongguancun Kemao Electronics Market in Beijing are many people like Li Zhongxin, of the Beijing Xinyu Lianhe Telecom Equipment Co. Li sits atop a plastic stool in front of his open-air stall on the third floor, scanning the throngs of shoppers for would-be customers. There’s no sign of Apple’s iPhone among the thicket of cell phones, handset covers, and other accessories hung on shelves and inside the waist-high glass display case, but he’ll be glad to show you one. In exchange for an up-front payment, “you can buy as many as you’d like,” Li says.

Full Article >HERE

For a gallery of iPhones sold in many “unofficial markets,” have a look at TUAW’s montage of > iPhones-around-the-world



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Update: May 7, 2008 – AT&T officially promises free WiFi access


AT&T upgrades 3G network and takes over Starbucks Wi-Fi

   starbucksatt.jpg  3g-thumb.jpg

Author: Steve Stroh

EXCERPT: AT&T is deploying “3G” wireless HSxPA (High Speed Packet Access)….by EOY 2008, AT&T will have HSxPA capability in 350 US cities, including the “top” 100 US cities.  And, as a final nod to the inanity of AT&T wireless customers not being able to (without paying a usage fee) use their iPhones, in Wi-Fi mode, at AT&T Wi-Fi HotSpots, comes this terse teaser: “AT&T will soon extend the benefits of Wi-Fi at Starbucks to its wireless customers.”

If this plays out the least bit logically, the real winners of these two announcements will be users of the “Version 2” iPhone, expected to debut sometime this year, that will be able to use the AT&T “3G” / HSxPA network and then “roam into” Starbucks for an even “higher bandwidth fix” for downloading big media files onto their iPhone along with their caffeine jolt, all for no additional charge and a seamless experience.

ipod.jpg   starbucks.jpg


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