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safari-webkit.jpgSafari vs. WebKit icons

Safari is about to get crazy fast

By Seth Weintraub

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EXCERPT: When Apple chose the KHTML engine for its Safari Browser in 2003 over the more popular Gecko engine that powers Firefox, a lot of people were surprised. Firefox was way more popular than the Konquerer browser and had a lot more open source developers online.

Since then, Apple has really run with the KHTML engine, forking it off, renaming its development version “WebKit” and making it faster and leaner than Firefox on the Mac and both Firefox and Internet Explorer on the PC….


Safari vs. WebKit icons

There is no other way to say it. Holy cow is this thing fast! I am currently testing Webkit build r30090 (DMG download link) against standard Leopard Safari 3.04. This unoptimized WebKit build version is running circles around the standard Safari browser. It isn’t even close….

During random browsing, I noticed that Safari is loading pages about half as fast on average as WebKit. On heavy pages the load times are definitely discernible….

What’s so interesting about this is that Safari is already a fast browser. The fastest if you believe Steve Jobs 2007 WWDC Keynote. WebKit’s amazing, unoptimized speed means that Safari is going to get so much faster, to where it makes a significant difference in browser user experience. While Microsoft’s products are getting bulkier and slower, Apple’s products are getting leaner and faster….

Safari is also the browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and these WebKit improvements will likely hit these devices as well. Probably about the time a 3G iPhone is released.

Now that will be one slick little browser to have in your pocket! 6711-iphoneside.jpg

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China’s phone subscribers to hit 976m in 2008

EXCERPT: China’s phone subscribers, mobile and fixed line combined, are expected to grow by more than 60 million in 2008 to hit a total of 976 million, according to the Ministry of Information Industry.

The ministry said Friday that by the end of this year, China’s fixed-line and mobile phone subscribers will account for 27.1 percent and 46.4 percent of the population, respectively.
 Sources from the ministry said that the continuous falling of mobile communication charges has directly led to a sharp increase in mobile phone subscribers and some people even replaced their fixed-lines with mobile phones. In 2007, China’s mobile phone subscribers increased by 86.22 million, while fixed-line subscribers fell by 2.33 million.

By the end of 2007, China had 370 million fixed-line subscribers and 530 million mobile subscribers, the two figures combined accounted for a fifth of the world’s total phone subscribers, according to statistics from the ministry.


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